The Gambler [Saxxy Awards 2015 Extended Nomination]

This fictional brief tells the backstory of Nick and his playing previous.
We have been nominated! Due to everybody who voted!
— Nic “Hrorek” Ebinger —
Lead Animation, Tale, Sound Design, Scene Structure, Re-texturing, Lights, Colour Correction,
– Dishonored speedruns!

— Webb Pickersgill —
Tale & Ingenious Director

— Bryan Simcox —
Screenplay & Edit

— Justin “Dunkle” Dunkle —
Tale, Scene Structure, Animator, Alley Scene Construct & Lights

— Henry Lyons —
Tale, Scene Structure, Zombie chase animation @ 3:38

— Brandon Tran VA —
Bookie Voice Over

— Douglas “Skybex” Hamilton —
On line casino Props

— Christina Camilleri —
Track: Opening Observe titled “misplaced and unfound”

(facet notice: she additionally did the observe “birds” which used to be utilized in Hrorek’s Bullseye video)

— Particular Thank you —
Idol Minds –

— Further Track/SFX —
Niklas Gustavsson – Impressed By way of Electronics 2 (courtesy of Epidemic Sound:
Left four Useless Soundtrack – Enzymicide
Middle of the night Riders – Middle of the night Experience
Further Sound Results by means of

— Workshop Credit —
Pooling Blood Animated prop by means of Mickyan

HQ Posable Buck

Prime Definition Animated .357

Black Mesa DLC

L4D DLC & Content material

48 Replies to “The Gambler [Saxxy Awards 2015 Extended Nomination]”

  1. Ay bro if you madw this i give this 20 cause that make sence to the story how the 4 survivor met i hope you get a mil subs keep doing the hard work

  2. The animation is very good, but Nick would never commit suicide. He's the type of person that would do anything to stay alive.

  3. Then Ellis and Coach, as locales of Savannah, do as instructed to head to the hotel for evacuation. So happened that Rochelle's news crew are supposed to cover a news concerning the extent of green flu outbreak are also told to evacuate, but her crew seems to be killed by the infected or they got separated in panic.

    Then they met Nick as they head to the hotel rooftop for evac, but to no avail, and L4D2 story begins.

    Too bad there's no revolver in the game, unless you use mods.

  4. Had to pause for a second. Even his death would be a gamble. That's some deep shit poetically and believable as he's a gambler. Beautifully done.

  5. Nick is so cool with magnum pistols or revolvers
    (44 auto mag, 44 mag revolver, Deagle, Taurus Raging Bull, etc)
    All stainless styles

  6. Still kind of irritates me that they common infected are shown eating flesh and organs, when they don't do that in l4d's universe. They just beat the shit out of uninfected

  7. I don't think enfected in L4D eating people. Actually infected are just crazy people that want to destroy an enemy like uninfected, that's why in game zombie kicking, not biting. But this is great work!

  8. Nick: Is legit about to shoot himself in the head
    A freaking zombie apocalypse: THE HELL YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?

  9. Remain for its main character to be it’s best one, but I think it would be more cool if possible, I can do this in every single day, retarded in the game L4D2, THANKS FOR THIS!!! 😀

  10. Fantastic! 😀 ever think of doing one for the other three left 4 dead 2 survivors? I always wondered if Keith stories were Ellis' way of remembering a dead friend and just what sort of a reporter Rochelle was.

  11. I love the blend of tf2, l4d2/1, and garrys mod assets combining into each other with out breaking the immersion and some how blending and fitting with each other and the over all great animation.

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