The Gambler – Kenny Rogers – Rock Band 2 – Knowledgeable Guitar/Drums/Vocals

“The Gambler” via Kenny Rogers. Unique to the Rock Band Nation Observe Pack for a restricted time.

So I determined to do the unique songs from the rustic observe pack once more, since they have been deleted in conjunction with my first channel awhile in the past and a couple of) they nonetheless have now not been launched and to be had to obtain one at a time. Simply purposely made to turn the charts.

Me on professional guitar

non_zero on professional vocals

Splync on professional drums

This dude makes some excellent rooster. In any case, the primary 50 seconds or so of this tune is fucking superior to play, I just like the tune normally however after that it is lovely uninteresting, imo.

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  1. @mward5291: I find it hard to believe anyone over the age of 18 would complain about realism in a video game. Should people stop playing Madden and go play real football?

  2. @mward5291: I can play it fine on Rock Band and on an actual guitar. The reason I put that line there is because I don't put up skill run videos, just the chart itself so people can decide if they want to buy it. Also your grammar skills do matter.

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