The Gambler Kenny Rogers quilt Sarah Collins

The Gambler Kenny Rogers quilt Sarah Collins
Truly unhappy to listen to in regards to the passing of the rustic legend this is Mr Kenny Rogers. I am keen on his voice, tone and skill to tale inform in his songs like nobody else. RIP Kenny Rogers. This one is devoted to you, your voice will live to tell the tale eternally!
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25 Replies to “The Gambler Kenny Rogers quilt Sarah Collins”

  1. You did  wonderful  on a song  that's probably difficult to sing—but with your voice, you can sing, by the way, do you take requests? Cause I've got a good one for you……THE POWER OF LOVE by Celine Dion, God Bless, Marty

  2. You have a VERY Dolly Parton voice!! Beautiful!! And this is coming from a metal head! LOL Yes, I grew up in a very different kind of mid 70’s home.. Dad listening to his country/Billy Joel type stuff and mom rockin out to her ABBA/Fleetwood Mac and little ole 5 year old me diving deep into KISS-AC/DC-and then the hair band 80’s! Not my fault, I blame Gene Simmons and his fabulous boots! After all, that was my Halloween costume when I was 4 or 5! 😁 But yeah, my iTunes library would scare the hell out of most people and yes I do own Mama Mia. Sue me. 👍🏻😜

  3. Soft & low. This is certainly no time to be gambling. Take refuge. I take comfort in knowing you are safe & well. You’ve Got to Have an Ace in the Hole. I’m sure you have one up your sleeve to protect you & yours.

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