The Gambler- FUN. (COVER)

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33 Replies to “The Gambler- FUN. (COVER)”

  1. ur face looks so funny when u sing! but, great cover!
    me too this is my only favorite song from Fun.  this song is so beautiful that i have been listening to it for years and still enjoy it every time. Ur voice is so soft n agree to the Adam Young comment. u prob should cover owl city or death cab for cutie too 🙂

  2. You are honestly talented but you remind me of the dude in "Not Another Teen Movie" that got hit by everything and was in love with his friend. Those facial expressions bro. Do an audio recording next time lol

  3. heyyyyyy, you should remake this. I looked at some of your newer videos and you've gotten a lot better. Take a shot at it? 😀

  4. Can't back up my words with talent? Just because I don't have a webcam/mic/care to make a youtube video, doesn't mean I don't have talent, lol. I'm not saying I'm "holy shit fucking awesome", but I'm okay and have had lessons in certain areas that just make the song flow better. If I had the equipment to make a youtube video to show you, I totally would. But I don't because I'm poor 😀

  5. Da fuq is this?
    As much as I respect the fact that you tried to sing it your own way, you still should have at least worked on the piano. Slightly made me cringe. It might just be that it's not as wonderful as the original, but whatever, lol. At least you had the courage to make a video.
    Also, work on your breathing so the song doesn't sound broken up.

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