The Gambler From Natchez – Dale Robertson, Debra Paget

The Gambler From Natchez – Dale Robertson, Debra Paget Please go away a remark and tell us the place you might be from. We adore making pals all over the place …

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  1. I'm from India we used to get to see many Hollywood movies 50s60s70s
    Westerns were a favorite. Really old is gold. The good ole days.

  2. I wonder if there was some animosity coming from the studios. It seems this Riverboat gambling type movie came out a year after "The Mississippi Gambler", with Tyrone Power?

    If you follow the Perry Mason TV series from the 50's-60's, you may notice some actors in this movie that appeared in the TV series.

  3. Thumbs up SannaBlue , the duel at 10 paces captivated my young family , I thought you turned and shoot ! , how nerve wracking in real life ? I reckon Leone loved watching this gem and picked up some clues on efficiency in camera set ups . Brilliant post cheers from Blue Mountains Oz .

  4. It was my privledge to meet him in Canoga Park back in the 1960's, My first wife was the stepdaughter of Monte Blue a silent movie star and later the talkies, we were in a gun shop on Van Nuys Blvd and she introduced us a really nice man, I've always enjoyed his movies and TV shows.

  5. These closed captions are hilarious, although bloody annoying, At the 4 minute 42 second mark, dale Robertson says "5 card stud?" asking if 5 card stud was the game, the caption reads "Live car instead" ? instead of what? a dead car?

  6. What a classic. Hollyweird and their commie actors couldn’t could a candle to these gems. And thank goodness those southern bells are a thing of the past. Whew!

  7. This is my third time for this flik.X-celent cast.Everyone did their part well.High stakes card games.💰💰💰💰💰💰……….Orem,ut.

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