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Michael Jordan has numerous playing tales. Listed below are the 5 craziest of the Chicago Bulls Legend: Michael Jordan.
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21 Replies to “The five CRAZIEST Michael Jordan playing tales | Area Of Leap”

  1. see what happens when you get kids to make $5 and you sell them to poor kids for 200% that? idk some ppl got no souls i guess.

  2. Trash channel #1: 19 seconds in and they already state a bold-faced lie. Claims Jordan has a gambling "addiction" of which there's no evidence.

    Trash channel #2: 33 seconds in. Repeats conspiracy theory that Jordan was forced to resign by Commissioner when Bird and Magic had retired the previous 2 seasons leaving Jordan as the only globally recognized star in the league at the very time the Commissioner is trying to expand the league internationally. The NBA investigation closed finding there was no wrong-doing.

    Trash channel #3: 2 minutes in: Jordan never had a $300K bet with Barkley on the course. He specifically told Charles to pick up his ball because Charles was in the way of a putt Jordan had money on with someone else. That this story hs been told multiple times and you still couldn't get the facts straight makes you a trash channel too lazy to even bother surfing the net to get your facts.

    Trash channel #4: The baggage claim story was not with the Dream Team, it was with his Bulls teammates.

    Basically this channel literally re-wrote actual facts for no reason which only skewers their own credibility. When you can't even bother to look up well-documented stories and simply write your own distorted version – you're not just a trash channel…

    You're liars.

  3. Anything to win! Reminds me of a scene in The Aviator when a fella asked Howard Hughes “You want me to bribe senators?”
    Hughes replies “No!, I want this done legally! I want bought!!

  4. US Women’s soccer star Brandi Chastain told a great story about Michael Jordan and a poker tournament for charity with other celebrities. She told this story at my high school’s assembly. She is an assistant coach for our school’s team.

    Brandi was playing poker against many stars including Zach Thomas of the Dolphins, Stuart Scott, and more. After many hands, Chastain and Jordan were the final two left at the last table. Jordan was staring Chastain down and trying to intimidate her, and she was scared shitless. She did everything she could to put on a poker face, but Jordan kept pushing to try and get a read off of her. Her hand gets dealt. Pocket 3’s. She knows its a good hand so she decides to play it well. Jordan tries intimidating her even more and calls and raises like there was no tomorrow. The flop comes and it doesn’t help Chastain at all. They go through a round of betting. The turn doesn’t help Chastain either, but she keeps playing her pocket 3’s. The river card is shown and she ends up with nothing. Her entire hope is on her 3’s. Jordan bets all-in. Chastain can’t believe it. Jordan was confident, but Chastain calls. She shows her pocket 3’s. Jordan shows pocket 2’s and didn’t have anything else. Chastain wins the tournament. Jordan’s number is 23.

  5. Dj Vlad has a video interviewing a mob guy…he says there's a chance MJ gambling had something to do with his father's murder. Mob guy talks about how many players are involved in gaming fixing

  6. And still a multi-billionaire. Michael Jordan doesn't owe anyone anything. He does whatever he wants and white people hate it because they love to tell black people what to do and how to think.

  7. I just to look up to M.J but after hearing several stories of him being an ass with hotel staff, casino people, rumors of him abusing underage girls, his gambling…etc I no longer admire him in any way, at the end he was good at playing basketball…that's it

  8. People still buy his brand knowing he just throws it away. Jordan thinking," I can afford to lose $300k, tomorrow 1,500 people will buy my shoes so it's all good

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