The 5 Maximum Misplayed Palms in Blackjack with Blackjack Professional Henry Tamburin

Blackjack knowledgeable, Henry Tamburin, offers main points at the 5 maximum misplayed arms. Probably the most subjects lined come with: a couple of 9’s towards a Nine or 10, 16 towards a 10; 12 towards a three, cushy 18 towards a Nine or 10; and 2 8’s towards a 10. Henry analyzes every hand and explains what the right kind determination is for every scenario.

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47 Replies to “The 5 Maximum Misplayed Palms in Blackjack with Blackjack Professional Henry Tamburin”

  1. Okay before I watch the video I'm going to guess that the most Miss played hand in blackjack is a soft 18 looking at a 9 or above… okay it's the number two worst played hand in blackjack, I knew it was going to be close.

  2. I have gotten burned so many times with my hard 12 against a dealer 3, 7 out of 10 times I get a 10 and bust out, now I just stay put so has it worked out? Yes, more times than not the dealer gets the 10 and busts his 13 out.

  3. I agree with the 8's versus 10 split…but sometimes i;ll just take a hit if I'm trying to protect my bankroll. Sometimes you take a hit and pick up a 3, 4 or 5.

  4. The one hand that I have trouble following basic strategy is a 16vs dealer 7 for the same reason why you hit a 12vs dealer 2 or 3. If for those hands the logic is that only a 10 can bust you how come it's not looked at the same but in reverse when you have a 16vs a 7 the dealer can only win immediately if they have a 10 under. Any other card & they have to keep drawing

  5. So one time at a $5 tab,e I was dealt a 12 (no Ace or 6). Dealer had a 6 and I doubled down. Used the basic logic that less cards would bust me than would keep me in the game. Also figured with basic logic that the dealer had a “bust card”. Got a 5, and whole table won. Got complaints when I hit; when I got 5 was told I still shouldn’t have hit. Aside from the fact that at the end of the day, it’s not a team game (unless you’re MIT students on a class trip), did I make the right play?

  6. Almost every single one of these hands should have a disclaimer. Yes, the narrator is correct with the plays, only when using pure math with the hand being the first hand dealt. Once you learn to count cards the situation changes. Depending upon where the count is the plays for these hands can change. And yes, they will constantly change as the count changes and how far into the shoe the hand is being played. This video is just for the basic blackjack player who has a vague understanding of basic strategy.

  7. The MAFIA is back at it again. Nothing but lies, cheats and thief. Make America Great Again and DO NOT FALL INTO THEIR BS TRAP!!!

  8. 4:47 This looks like improper procedure to me. When the dealer sweeps the cards, she puts the players cards on top and the house’s cards beneath it. The dealer’s cards should be the last ones to go into the muck at the end of every hand.

  9. If u win 8 out of 20 hands or 9 out of 20 hands — this is not smart gaming because ur losing either way. — have fun but keep in mind there is only one casino game that can u can constantly win at – poker –
    Only if ur good player.

  10. Good advice -/ if u do this it will take longer to lose your money. All table games are impossible to beat.
    In the long run it’s entertainment but tables are all tilted towards the casino.

  11. I've seen maybe 2 in my life that allow surrender. I also stand on a hard 16. I think it's a player judgement call whether the line is 16 or 17.

  12. If you want to win at blackjack, know the odds for each hand. Do not change your bets. Once you have made your target, leave the table. What is your target? Depends upon the minimum bet allowed and your stash. You want to have at least 20 times the minimum bet to work with at first. Do not get bored and leave when you make your target.

  13. Do not bet anything remotely close to what you can afford to lose. Do you like a night out, sometimes people at the table are interesting to talk to, maybe your casino gives free drinks, maybe you get good comps for food and room, then go play. I gave Barona a lot of action and got 15 slot jackpots last year. Overall I lost money but it was my mini vacations. Rooms were nice, pool and jacuzzi or even the bathtub was nice, the rooms had nice views, etc. I can afford to lose thousands in a year as I make a lot, have a lot and can fully retire if I want and have not even started social security yet

  14. his 9,9 math against a face up dealer 9 is suspect. And winning a hand is NOT the only measure of effectiveness. The total expectation value which is a measure of risk versus reward he ignores. So you bet more money but still lose by his logic: 8/20 one bet, or 9.5/20 with basically a double bet at risk. Which would you rather do? Risk more to still lose in the long run?

  15. I've only been counting cards for a little while but his 16 vs 10 example doesn't work too well if your using Hi-lo. Let's say beginning of the hand count was -6 just because 3 low cards are dealt (count now is -3) doesn't mean you should stay because your "due" a high card. I think this is where index numbers help

  16. 16 v 10 example. Does it work for '15' also with 4 small or neutral cards? Stand with low cards – 9,2,A,3.. hit with say a 10 and 5..

  17. I agree with everything except N1, lol i wont lose double the bet just because the chances say im still losing but with 38% instead of 23,that would've been worth if the chances were turning on my side

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