Here’s a spotlight video with some loopy on and off circulation content material of me enjoying Blackjack Irresponsibly and the results it will possibly have. This actual …

44 Replies to “THE $100,000+ BLACKJACK SESSION! (HIGHLIGHTS + MORE)”

  1. Lots of people have also been saying this is ‘clickbait’ or ‘small bets don’t even make $100k’. No, this video features highlights from a $100,000 wager session with some of the best moments and highlights compiled together into 1 video. There was hours of footage and this is the best. Hope y’all understand xoxo

  2. Why do they say u might have to hit this and stand that u hit them both when dealers showing a 7 or above like wtf am I seeing

  3. Love watchin ya mate, but if you got friends thatll let you play to the point where youre damn near crying, you might need new mates!

  4. u need to learn how to play the perfect stragety dude, im losing my mind watching u standing on 14 against dealers 7 haha xD

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