That is the way you WIN the massive arcade jackpot!

These days I am at Shakey’s Pizza Parlor in Anaheim California to consume on the superior pizza buffet and play a ton of arcade video games! This can be a smaller arcade however we organize to hit a couple of large arcade jackpots and win heaps of tickets!


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Outro tune: “FIRE” via Jason Rayner (my brother)


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20 Replies to “That is the way you WIN the massive arcade jackpot!”

  1. I have a trick for the timing of the ball drop so first do one try time how long it takes to drop then see how many holes away u have to drop and bamb jackpot this happened to me

  2. I tried it twice with a group of friends before quarantine happened and we got a jackpot once ONCE ONLYYYYYYYY AHAHAHAHAH

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