Tame the Wilds in Crashlands with Those Pointers and Tips

Smartly hellooo there! I’m Sam, co-founder of Butterscotch Shenanigans, and as of late I’m overjoyed to proportion some tricks and tips to jumpstart your adventures in our goofy crafting RPG Crashlands.


In Crashlands, you’ll play as Flux, an intergalactic trucker who will get marooned on an outlandish, unhealthy planet known as Woanope. It’ll take your entire wits (and either one of your glutes) to live to tell the tale, collect up your shipment, and get off-world ahead of your employer cuts your pension, so benefit from your journey through following those pro-tips!

  1. Each quest issues: Quest givers steadily cling particular recipes for tough pieces or candy items of furnishings. They’re additionally at all times the supply of boss encounters. If it kind of feels like a quest-giver is looking a large number of you, it’s almost certainly as a result of there’s an insane boss-fight someplace down the road, so get able!
  2. Harvest the whole thing: Severely! Crashlands isn’t like each different crafting sport you’ve performed – there’s no penalty for wearing hundreds of things. If you happen to stroll previous one thing, pick out it up!
  3. Bombs and potions are your mates: Cause them to! Heaps of them.
  4. Run stations in parallel to spice up your productiveness: Like in the true international, issues you’re making in Crashlands take a little time to build. Use that inbuilt downtime to test your different stations for helpful issues to make, like bombs or potions, or extensions in your base.
  5. Specialize along with your trinkets: You’ve were given 4 trinket slots to your go well with. Trinkets are particular pieces that increase your talents in incredible tactics. Take note of creature weaknesses (test the compendium!) to outfit your self for optimum struggle, or make stronger your harvesting potency.
  6. Stay indicators readily available: By way of at all times wearing indicators with you, you’ll be able to temporarily label portions of the map the place you discover a pocket of uncommon sources or uncommon, epic creatures.
  7. Select the appropriate puppy for the process: Each puppy supplies several types of harm, other assault patterns, and other buffs to you. You’ll make your struggle so much smoother through studying concerning the strengths and weaknesses of the creatures you might be combating and bringing a puppy that counteracts them!
  8. Salvage and re-roll your apparatus. Crafted apparatus on Woanope is matter to the fluctuating power blasts coming from the core of the planet – so any given weapon or armor craft may well be extra tough than some other. To your go well with UI you’ll discover a small, yellow recycle icon – this can be utilized to breakdown outdated or undesirable apparatus so you’ll be able to get probably the most treasured parts again for some other roll at a in particular juicy improve.


With the following tips in-hand you’ll temporarily acquire mastery over the wilds, tame a wide variety of alien beasts, and get a style for all of the journey that Crashlands has to supply. Now get in the market and thrive!


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Butterscotch Shenanigans



Play as Flux Dabes, a galactic supply truck driving force whose newest cargo will get interrupted through a megalomaniacal alien named “Hewgodooko” who tears her send to items on the lookout for helpful tech. Crashlanded on Woanope, you should combat, tame, craft, quest, bossfight, and journey your strategy to domination of all of the issues in order that you and JuiceBox, your trusty sidekick/manager/robot shipment palette, can ship a message to the Bureau of Delivery and get the ones applications delivered!

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