20 Replies to “Sweat the PCA ♠️ Poker Best 5 ♠️ PokerStars World”

  1. this is a tournament right? but are they allowed to leave at any moment or are they forced to keep going til theyre all out

  2. Its not fun guessing if were already pot committed, I had no idea what to put elezra on (k6, q6, k8, something in there) but it doesn't even matter when we have to call ace high trips against the bb no matter what he does. I dunno, it just didn't feel like I had a decision to make in any of these.

  3. Wish I could play these guys. It would be so easy stacking/felting them. When will they ever learn that checking doesn't necessarily mean weakness lol when someone checks, you don't have to bet ROFL

  4. This was really cool! I had never seen this style of watching poker before! Super entertaining, and really helps you connect with what the player you are with could be thinking

  5. "If only we had a brick draw, we would have made the nuts!" Got to hand it to Joe Stapleton, he is sooo good! No matter what you say, he his hands down my favorite poker commentator.

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