Surprise’s Warhammer 40,000 comedian is taking a large chance with an iconic hero

In October I praised Surprise’s Warhammer 40,000: Marneus Calgar #1 for dotting its Is and crossing its Ts. The tone of that first factor was once spot on, with the entire grim darkness that the a long way long run merits. Highest of all, the artwork was once absolute best — proper all the way down to the choice of rivets at the bankruptcy grasp’s Mark X Gravis energy armor.

What I didn’t be expecting was once creator Kieron Gillen getting the fairway mild to take probably the most franchise’s maximum liked characters in a brand new path. The U.Ok.-based writer, former journalist, and a famous Warhammer fan is making an attempt the not possible. He’s looking to make the Ultramarines — possibly Video games Workshop’s maximum vanilla faction — if truth be told fascinating.

And he may simply pull it off.

Cover art for Marneus Calgar #2 shows an angry blue space boy going pew pew.

Symbol: James Stokoe/Surprise

The Ultramarines take numerous shit from the bigger Warhammer 40Ok group, basically because of their overexposure within the tabletop franchise’s advertising and marketing. In a universe stuffed with 1,000 legions of robust warriors, nearly all of which stay unnammed and unknown, the Ultramarines have however change into the poster youngsters for the Adeptas Astartes. The blue-armored beefcakes flip up at the covers of boxed starter units and cardboard standees internationally with unerring regularity. Haters deride them as Smurfs.

Even within the lore of 40Ok, Ultramarines are sorta dull. Their primarch, Roboute Guilliman, actually wrote the in-fiction guide on the right way to teach and compile a Area Marine legion. All who got here after are outlined via how their bankruptcy differs from Gulliman’s treatise. So far as the servants of the God Emperor of Mankind move, none are so just right at sprucing buttons because the Ultramarines.

[Warning: What follows contains major spoilers for Warhammer 40,000: Marneus Calgar #2]

By hook or by crook, creator Gillen has gotten the greenlight from Video games Workshop to show that on its head. Within the ultimate pages of Marneus Calgar #2, he unearths that Marneus Calgar — these days bankruptcy grasp of the Ultramarines, the prime mucka mucka of the Smurfs — is an imposter.

A page showing a field littered with the corpses of Chaos Space Marines

Symbol: Kieren Gillen and Jacen Burrows/Surprise Comics

Symbol: Kieren Gillen and Jacen Burrows/Surprise Comics

Millennia in the past, all through his youth coaching on probably the most most harsh moons orbiting his house planet, Marneus Calgar was once killed — stabbed in the course of the middle via an agent of the gods of Chaos. The one witness to his demise was once his serf and servant, a tender boy named Tacitus, who took his identify. It’s a poke within the eye to the squeaky-clean symbol of the Ultramarines, and injects a little bit of sophistication struggle into the in large part feudalistic futuristic darkish age. Personally, it’s some of the thrilling issues to occur within the 40Ok universe in years.

Within the sequence of 2 pages of this comedian guide, I went from now not worrying one whisker in regards to the existence and instances of probably the most generic tremendous soldier ever created to hungrily short of extra of this tale once imaginable. All of the whilst, artist Jacen Burrows and colorist Javier Tartaglia, stay up a gentle circulate of on-the-money renders of the 40Ok equipment that I — and hundreds of thousands of different fanatics — are in detail aware of.

Smartly accomplished, Mr. Gillen. And just right on you Video games Workshop for taking a chance together with your well-known blue area boys. The following factor of Marneus Calgar comes out Dec. 9.

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