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Occasionally a recreation’s overambition will also be to its detriment, and Supraland is a major instance of this. The sport is a disappointing story of transparent function and nice concepts that, sadly, does now not create an stress-free product. Whilst it’s spectacular that the sport used to be created through handiest two builders, Supraland feels nearer to a tech demo than a retail unencumber, with its unintuitive puzzles, tough controls, and a lot of technical problems.

Some of the obtrusive problems Supraland faces is that it struggles with what sort of tale it desires to inform. The sport takes position in a kid’s sandbox with two opposing factions: the crimson kingdom and blue kingdom. After the blue other people assault the crimson other people’s sewage pipe underground, the Purple King – with the assistance of the participant – units off to have a dialogue with the Blue King concerning the assault.

Whilst the tale of a ki taking part in together with his toys is unassuming and lighthearted, the discussion is extremely critical and has each political and non secular undertones. Whilst this isn’t essentially a dangerous factor, the distinction between the overarching narrative concerning the global does now not mesh neatly with the social observation spoken through one of the most NPCs. For instance, one NPC talks about invisible partitions across the sandbox – a lovely connection with recreation design – whilst any other discusses the lifestyles of a god controlling their movements. The political and social observation comes off as extremely jarring when the sport is set a kid’s sandbox, in the long run resulting in Supraland going through an identification disaster on what form of recreation it desires to be.

When it comes to presentation, Supraland struggles to be fulfilling to the eyes. The arena design is crafted with rocks, sand, and gadgets a child would use to create an imaginary global. Pencils, erasers, and development blocks supply platforms to traverse, with small crystals lights the best way for the participant. Sadly, the theming falls quick when the sector starts to really feel unnatural.

Take, for instance, the prominence of lit candles and cacti as a component of the sector. Whilst a kid the use of erasers in a sandbox is smart, a kid the use of lit candles does now not. It will were nice to look the sport undertake a Yoshi’s Woolly Global means, with the whole thing produced from gadgets a child would use, however sadly, this design determination doesn’t permit the immersion that one thing like Yoshi provides the participant. This additionally isn’t helped through the abundance of graphical issues, together with low-resolution textures and excessive pop-in on many gadgets.

One in all Supraland’s clearest inspirations will also be discovered within the gameplay taste. Just like Portal, the sport takes position within the first user with a focal point on fixing puzzles to transport to the following space. In contrast to Portal, Supraland targets to shake up the method through having a better focal point on exploration, platforming, and battle. Whilst there’s a transparent ambition to innovate with those gameplay adjustments, every one feels clunky and unnatural for this taste of recreation. Exploring the sector of Supraland is most commonly limited to small, sq. spaces attached through locked doorways. Out of doors of amassing cash (which shamelessly play the Mario coin sound impact when picked up), there’s no incentive to discover, particularly due to the loss of a map. Because of the sector being manufactured from most commonly rocks and sands, many spaces really feel the similar, making the sector complicated to navigate.

Like the sector design, puzzles are extraordinarily complicated and don’t make a lot sense. Take, for instance, a puzzle within the early hours of the sport involving scanning keycards. The sport desires the participant to go back to the former space with the cardboard and use a color changer to modify the color from white to crimson. This is able to now not be a subject if the sport gave some indication that that used to be the answer, however as a substitute, it looks like other people will handiest in finding it by chance. This extends to many of the puzzles in Supraland, as there’s no trace machine to help the participant when they’re caught. In consequence, Supraland’s puzzles are extra irritating than rewarding.

Essentially the most stressful a part of Supraland needs to be the controls. As in the past discussed, the sport targets to be a first-person platformer; alternatively, the controls of Supraland are extraordinarily tough. There’s little weight to jumps, motion is slippery and there is an unexplainable momentum machine at play which makes even elementary navigation difficult. This makes platforming throughout tight gaps just about not possible, as on occasion the participant will pass over the platform because of a surprising burst in momentum.

A run button can have simply negated this factor and helped the participant have extra keep an eye on over their actions. In a similar fashion, including gyro aiming would have made choosing up gadgets and gazing the sector a lot more manageable, because the aiming reticle is a ways too delicate to select up gadgets with pinpoint accuracy. It is usually price noting that motion will also be extraordinarily glitchy; on occasion you are able to climb a vertical wall very easily, whilst different occasions you combat to leap on a small stack of containers. It is extremely irritating.


Whilst there’s transparent possible in Supraland, the sport suffers from an identification disaster. The whimsical atmosphere and degree design display possible, however the keep an eye on issues, loss of course in puzzles and strange narrative undertones make this a disappointing bundle. Glance somewhere else for a extra stress-free recreation that can make one assume out of doors of the (sand)field.

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