17 Replies to “SUPER BIG WIN on Diamond Mine BONUS!!”

  1. In a million tries I would have never guessed that an affiliate of a casino got as massive win on a game that in 800 spins hasn't dropped even a tease for me

  2. Nice win. I had a 5 scatter trigger on this today with a retrigger 22 spins only paid 60 x, I had around 10 consecutive dead spins. Gutted because like Bonanza the potential with a good multiplier is huge. Although I did have 12 spin trigger last week and hit it for 250 X win so I can't be greedy I suppose.

  3. i was playing this slot other night on $4 and won 835x.. $3,340.00 total win, was trying 80c spins, had 2 on $4 and the third spin was that mega win… much better than bonanza only had a 200x on that. love your channel,

  4. Not only are you lucky, but, you are HOT looking too! Keep the luck going everyday. I love it when you get excited on a good win. I am "1ten2"

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