Sumit Has It Out With His Other folks About Jenny

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Sumit’s nonetheless moping throughout India about Jenny and his other people. He in any case has a televised sit-down along with his oldsters. His oldsters are in a no-win state of affairs and Sumit does legitimately in reality need to be with Jenny. It is roughly a tragic state of affairs the entire manner round.

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23 Replies to “Sumit Has It Out With His Other folks About Jenny”

  1. The way Sumit went from 0-100 and back to 0😲😲😂…. I hope an indian talent agent pics him up, he could be the next Bollywood star!

  2. I feel bad for the ex-wife too. Sumit was selfish to cheat on her with jenny and should've atleast been upfront about his relationship with jenny to her. That's wrong on his part. Atleast sumit has Jenny to turn to, god knows what his ex wife is going through. That too, for no fault of hers.

    It's funny while he blames the world for all the things that happened to him, he conveniently forgets to take responsibility for his own mistakes.

  3. Wow first time seeing Sumit standing up for himself like a real man which is something he should have done 2.5 yrs ago 🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. Lol idc… There's no reason to cheat on anyone whatsoever. I don't know what his soon to be ex wife is going through. It wasn't her choice either. She got stuck in a relationship she herself didn't want to be in and he cheated on her with an old lady. The right thing would be to divorce and then start a new relationship.

  5. At first we were given the impression that Sumit's family are these mysterious, unseen, EVIL creatures who are hell bent on breaking Sumit's love. But now, I see them as victims. Damn.

  6. As a white woman who married an Indian man and was not accepted by his family I sympathized with Sumit and Jenny initially. After finding out she KNEW he was married, came to stay and fucked him behind the backs of his family and wife while acting like a friend to his mom etc I agree 100% with his parents. My husband was cut off for a year from his family they took all of his savings and his car away. He kept me a secret from them too and when they found out it was just like this show- a mob of his family members came and took him away. I picked him up a few days later when he snuck out. But this is different and Jenny is a bad person. She showed her true character and his parents are absolutely right to refuse to accept her. She’s two faced

  7. It sucks on both ends I think. The arranged marriage was a poor idea of his parents and by the sounds of it they left him in misery hoping he would settle into an unhappy marriage. On the other hand, his current happiness resides in a women double his age…and that's one costly divorce settlement.

  8. I believe that summit started a relationship with jenny as a sign of rebel! Obviously, when he wakes up and the rebellion feeling fades away, it would be too late for summit to get out!

  9. This reminded me of an incident. My aunt and her husband's family started searching for a suitable groom for her niece ( My Uncle's Sister's Daughter). They found a guy on matrimonial site who lives in Toronto… Both families talked with each other and both boy and girl are just knowing each other through video calls because he's in Toronto and she's in India…. It has been barely a month of them talking to each other and already both families are thinking that they like each other and ceremonies should start ASAP. Whereas my Dad said that both should meet in person and know more about each other. His opinion was ignored.

  10. Good for him for standing up for what he wants. I think sumit knows they have unhealthy family patterns ( conditional love), and more than being about Jenny, this is about him liberating himself from the conditional love and toxic family patterns that have gone on for generations. I admire his courage actually. That is not easy to do. Kids literally end up in psych wards when they attempt to question toxic parental patterns.

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