Successful Roulette Technique! (Massive WIN!)

A real winner of a machine! Watch how we received $6000 at on-line roulette in 20 min. ▻Kitchen Martingale Spreadsheet ➜ …

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  1. You only played your videos for a roulette strategy in play money mode / virtual roulette, not with real money, so your videos are only fake!

  2. Einfache Chancen zu spielen ist sehr verlockend……ABER ……nicht mit der Martingale das ist der TOD und das Satzsignal muss schon sehr eindeutig sein. Ausbleiber von 5 oder 6 mal nicht gekommen sind nicht sicher. Es gab gerade bei den Online Casinos schon Serien von über 20 mal eine einfache Chance nicht gekommen. Selbst wenn dann das Geld hätte um zu setzen würde einen das Tischlimit ausbremsen….. Lieber einen Stopp Loss einbauen, dann ergibt sich zwar ein Verlust man kann aber später noch mal angreifen……

  3. It’s strange why people think the changes are higher if… every spin there is a equal change for any number to come up. Constantly low numbers, or constantly black, doesn’t mean anything.

    If you’re playing live, that could be different, because it depends on the wheel spin and the speed of the ball and when they release the ball. But the people in the casino are trained to change the speed often.

    Also playing on a online free casino will give you wins to lure you into playing for real money.

  4. How come u play with free money if this is so good? Wouldnt u bath in $$$? Hmm ok, didnt thought so. If u went high ud busted long time ago this run.

  5. I would have more faith in trying this if you was using a live real. But ima still try it out. I go spend about 100 bucks every other week trying roulette. So I will try it tonight

  6. Great video, but that is not enough for winning at roulette. The roulette is a GAME and it is running basing on a specific algorithm, so you need a tool that STUDY that algorithm and gives winning predictions in order to beat the roulette, like RouleGENIUS roulette predictor. It is considered the most powerful roulette software because it does NOT fail more than 3 times in a row, so every 4 spins you get POSITIVE Balance! More details about RouleGENIUS roulette software you can find on google. Enjoy!

  7. Three rules about Roulette, only gamble with what you can afford to lose. Set a limit of what you want to win ( reasonable, if your starting with an amount and double it). Only take cash in casinos, leave bank, debit cards elsewhere. Don't bother with computer generated games, they all have RNG ( Random number generators), I can guarantee anyone who has played these at one time covered nearly all of the board, only for the ball to land on one they haven't covered. In UK casinos, if you started betting high amounts, I'll guarantee you will get a visit from the manager asking for information ( money laundering). The casinos will spin more frequently on the tables, change croupiers, set limits on single bets, these are all ploys of the casinos. And there is truth in a croupier targeting certain areas on the wheel. It's only greed that keeps certain individuals at the tables, then the law of large numbers takes over and you give everything back. And yes to all the people who say he doesn't know this and that. I was well known in some casinos, won and lost. I enjoyed the ride, good and bad.

  8. Never really played roulette, but I'm willing to give this a crack. I tried 10 different sessions online game app using this strategy and it worked. I'll have a bank roll of $250 @$5 bets. Thanks for the video

  9. I'm a casino dealer. I deal many games. From blackjack to roulette to baccarat. I see people like you with "systems" all the time thinking you finally figure it out and you're going to win for sure this time.

    You are silly. your system is silly and does not take into account how mathematics, odds and luck work.

  10. EVERYTIME the wheel spins there are 37 numbers and 38 in 00 wheels.. ANY number can pop up… the balls they use are ultra light.. there are many spikes , edges on the numbers to ricochet the 'light' ball anywhere….having said times the Croupier(spinner) can get into a groove and land in a certain segment of the wheel for 3/4/5 spite of all the opportunites to have the ball ricochet…The more numbers you cover ..the more chance of a collect..however the House covers all number all the time..hence they win mostly…some days you cannot lose even if you try…few and far between I am afraid..still a system means you will either win systematically or lose systematically and the more times you go to a casino the more times the house has to get their money back (if you have won) or get more of your money…

  11. I tested this method it's not bad I started with 27 units and was up to 78 units and the low was 60% and high 40% then went on a level 11 losing streak haha so I should of cut it off at level 5 or 6 and left with a profit for the day I recommend that very strongly better to leave for the day up and come back another day and grind then be down and out

  12. True mastery at work! What are the most permissive states allowing to easily create and grow a company to invest in hiring top roulette players to play online and in casinos for profit?

  13. I also have years of experience. Made $200k from $5K. My biggest lessons were:
    1. No one system beats the house. I combined different strategies & leveraged stake amounts bets on a single spin
    2. Have both a stop loss and a stop time for each session. A high stop loss and low time is the best combination.
    3. Dealers get changed often because of, among other things, fatigue. I got lucky and got to casino floors with tired dealers on rotation. It got easier to predict where the ball would land based on the strength and direction of their spins. This is when I broke the time limit rule and would win maximum winnings on spins, ( I would even bet on straight-up numbers with +1 neighbors and would hit above-average times ).

  14. thanks rouletteman, but problem is online casinos, always end up freezing money, excuses here and there, not paying out, what good online casinos would you recommend…

  15. I put £20 in my account and tried this doing £2 bets, took me 20mins to get to £50 then upped my bet to £5, I made it to £110 20 mins later, got greedy and upped to £10 bets and lost it all, I think I would have been safe had I stayed at £5 will be trying this again.

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