Stardew Valley patch 1.five notes: Ginger Island, native co-op, Seaside Farm

Stardew Valley simply were given its greatest patch ever. The brand new 1.five replace for the sport provides a complete new island stuffed with late-game content material, a brand new more or less farm so that you can create for brand spanking new video games, or even cut up display screen native co-op.

The largest alternate on this patch is a brand new late-game house known as Ginger Island. When gamers challenge to the brand new island they’ll in finding new places, discussion, occasions, minigames, puzzles, and questlines with one of the NPCs which have been added on this patch. The island additionally features a volcano-themed dungeon that adjustments each time you input it and a number of other different secrets and techniques. To get a greater thought of what’s at the island you’ll learn the patch notes, or uncover it by yourself by way of exploring.

Replace 1.five additionally provides a brand new form of farm to Stardew Valley that’s set at the seaside. The Seaside Farm variant is huge and has quite a lot of room for fishing and foraging, but it surely’s lined in sand — like maximum seashores. Because of this you received’t be capable of use sprinklers to water your vegetation, which must make video games in this farm a bit bit more difficult.

In the end, this patch additionally provides split-screen native co-op in case you need to play with as much as 4 gamers on one PC. As opposed to the truth that everybody’s enjoying from one instrument and on one display screen, native multiplayer works precisely like its on-line counterpart.

There are dozens of different adjustments, upgrades and additions in Stardew Valley patch 1.five as neatly, so it’s value taking a look over all of the patch notes submit if you wish to see the whole lot within the replace. Patch 1.five is out now for PC and must be launched someday subsequent yr on consoles.

Stardew Valley patch 1.five notes

New global house

1.five provides a complete new area of the sector, Ginger Island (a part of the Fern Islands):

  • Added new places, discussion, occasions, minigames, puzzles, and a quest line involving a couple of NPCs.
  • Added Leo, a brand new NPC together with his personal backstory, plot line, occasions, and so on.
  • Added new secondary NPCs: Birdie, Gourmet Frog, and Professor Snail.
  • Added a volcano dungeon which adjustments every time you consult with it very similar to the mines.
  • Added Qi demanding situations which free up uncommon or distinctive pieces.
  • Added an unlockable island farm and farmhouse house, the place you’ll plant vegetation in any season however can’t assemble structures.
  • Added an unlockable hotel you’ll open to let villagers consult with the islands, together with new seaside apparel and schedules.
  • Added hidden pages of a misplaced sailor’s magazine to discover his tale and be informed in regards to the islands.
  • Added Golden Walnuts hidden all over the islands, which can be utilized to free up new spaces and content material.
  • Added Golden Coconuts, which Clint can crack open to seek out uncommon island pieces.
  • Added gem birds which spawn in a random island house when it rains, and drop gem stones when approached.
  • Added secrets and techniques and puzzles to find across the island.
  • Added new enemies:

Dwarvish Sentry;

False Magma Cap;

Sizzling Head;

Lava Lurk;

Magma Sprite;

Magma Sparker;

Magma Duggy;


Stick Worm;

Tiger Slime.

  • Added new beauty critters: crabs, caldera monkeys, overhead parrots, marsupial, and tropical butterflies.
  • Added new Island Obelisk development.

New farm options

  • Added a brand new seaside farm format.
  • Added ostrich as a farm animal.
  • The immovable dressers present in Farmhands’ cabins were got rid of.
  • Added house renovations, which allow you to additional make bigger and regulate the farmhouse after it’s totally upgraded.

Beds at the moment are commonplace furnishings you’ll pick out up, transfer round, and exchange.

  • You’ll also have a space with out a mattress, however your partner may have one thing to mention about that.
  • As soon as unlocked, the greenhouse can now be moved at Robin’s store.
  • The default transport bin can now be moved or demolished at Robin’s store.
  • Added Complex Recreation Choices, which can be utilized to customise a brand new sport:

Set seed worth utilized in randomization;

Make a choice default vs randomized group middle bundles;

Make a choice default vs randomized mine chests;

Could make Purple Cabbage Seeds assured to promote at least one time on the travelling cart in yr one, so it’s all the time conceivable to complete the group middle within the first yr.

Can get admission to the benefit margins and cabin connected choices that have been prior to now inaccessible when making a unmarried participant farm.

Can toggle monsters spawning

  • You’ll now observe beauty paints to the farmhouse and structures.
  • Geese can now swim in water, and likely coop animals will now practice adults round.
  • Slimes now drink from slime hutch troughs in random order.

Different new content material and contours

  • Added Dwarvish forge and weapon enthralling.
  • Added the facility to mix two rings into one.
  • Added Particular Orders, extra dynamic late-game quests which allow you to assist villagers with their non-public initiatives via a different orders board on the town. Those can come with extra numerous targets and rewards, brief global adjustments, everlasting adjustments (e.g. new store stock), and post-completion occasions.
  • Added a 2d Neighborhood Improve to Robin’s store.
  • Added a tougher model of the mines and cranium caves. Those will also be accessed past due sport, and will optionally be toggled completely the use of the Shrine of Problem:
  • The next new monsters seem within the tougher mines:

Shadow Sniper;

Skeleton Mage;

Spider (jumps, steadily discovered close to webs that may lure gamers and mud sprites);

Putrid Ghost (reasons nauseated debuff);

Blue Squid;

Royal Serpent;

Slime Stack.

  • Added new fishing TV channel (now not to be had till positive stipulations are met).
  • Added new vegetation and bushes:

Mahogany Tree (drops hardwood);

Fiber Seeds;

Ginger (forage);




Taro Root (paddy crop);

New palm tree variant;

Qi Fruit (to be had all through Qi particular quest).

Added yr 2 dialogues for Egg Competition.

Added retail outlets to the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies, Banquet of the Iciness Megastar, Competition of Ice, and Luau.

Added new pieces to more than a few competition retail outlets.

  • You’ll now alternate your title and gender within the Wizard’s basement shrine.
  • You presently have a perfection ranking which tracks the share of sport content material you’ve finished. Achieving complete crowning glory means that you can purchase Golden Chickens, provides a random Golden Witch tournament, unlocks get admission to to The Summit with a brand new tournament, provides new chook critters, and unlocks more than a few pieces.
  • You’ll now additional customise sprinklers with attachments:

Enricher robotically applies loaded fertilizer whilst planting seeds close by;

Drive Nozzle will increase watering vary.

  • Added new craftable pieces and machines:

Bone Mill turns bone pieces into fertilizer;

Espresso Maker brews a recent cup each morning;

Cookout Equipment means that you can prepare dinner at the cross;

Darkish Signal shows an merchandise with out eating it;

Deconstructor destroys crafted pieces, however salvages their Most worthy subject material;

Farm Laptop scans the farm and shows helpful data;

Geode Crusher consumes coal to wreck open geodes.

Heavy Tapper works two times as speedy as a regular tapper;

Hopper auto-loads pieces positioned within into the device in entrance of it;

Junimo Chests are related to a world shared stash;

Mini-Obelisks can help you warp between two obelisks when positioned at the farm;

Mini-Transport Bin is a smaller transport bin that may be positioned out of doors the farm;

Ostrich Incubator when positioned in a barn, hatches ostrich eggs into child ostriches;

Sun Panel slowly generates batteries when left within the solar;

Statue of True Perfection produces a prismatic shard on a daily basis;

Stone Chest is a variant of chest crafted with stone as a substitute of picket;

Phone calls retail outlets to test hours and stock, and sometimes obtain random telephone calls (no impact on gameplay);

Warp Totem: Island warps to the Fern Islands.

Worm Steak;

Banana Pudding;


Ginger Ale;

Ginger Beer;

Mango Sticky Rice;

Piña Colada;


Taro Root;

Tropical Curry;

Squid Ink Ravioli (quickly prevents debuffs).

Deluxe Fertilizer will increase probability of higher-quality vegetation;

Deluxe Preserving Soil all the time assists in keeping soil watered in a single day;

Hyper Velocity-Gro will increase enlargement price by way of a minimum of 33%.

Bone Fragment;

Fossilized Cranium, Backbone, Tail, Legs, and Ribs and Snake Cranium, Snake Vertebrae;

Cinder Shard;

Dragon Teeth;

Tiger Slime Egg;

Fairy Mud can used on a device to have it end processing;

Golden Walnut;

Magma Cap;

Monster Musk reasons extra monsters to spawn;

Mummified Bat and Mummified Frog;

Ostrich Egg;

Qi Gem;

Qi Seasoning will increase high quality of cooked recipes;

Radioactive Ore and Radioactive Bar;

Taro Tuber;

Horse Flute summons your horse when out of doors;

Mushroom Tree Seed.

Auto-Petter… a late-game Joja path merchandise, but in addition accessible very infrequently by way of different approach

  • Added new fishing take on:

Interest Entice will increase the risk to catch uncommon fish;

High quality Bobber will increase fish high quality;

Magic Bait catches fish from any season/time/climate for a given location.

Complex TV Far flung;

Arctic Shard;


Gourmand Tomato Salt;

Pierre’s Lacking Stocklist;

Pirate’s Locket;

Prismatic Jelly;

Stardew Valley Rose;

Struggle Souvenir;

Wriggling Malicious program.

Glowstone Ring supplies each gentle and higher merchandise assortment radius;

Sizzling Java Ring will increase your probability to seek out espresso beverages when slaying monsters;

Immunity Band reduces probability of standing debuffs by way of 40%;

Phoenix Ring restores some fitness after being knocked out as soon as in line with day.

Coverage Ring assists in keeping you invincible longer after taking harm;

Soul Sapper Ring restores just a little of power after slaying a monster;

Thorns Ring damages enemies after they assault you.


Darkish Cowboy Hat;

Deluxe Pirate Hat;

Forager’s Hat;


Golden Helmet;

Mr. Qi’s Hat;

Purple Bow;

Qi Masks (secret);

Radioactive Goggles;

Megastar Helmet;


Swashbuckler Hat;

Tiger Hat;

Warrior Helmet.

Banana Blouse;

Ginger Overalls;

Sizzling Purple Blouse;

Magenta Blouse;

Tropical Dawn Blouse;

Yellow Swimsuit.

Cinderclown Footwear;

Mermaid Boots;

Dragonscale Boots;

Crystal Footwear;

Dwarf Sword, Dwarf Hammer, and Dwarf Dagger;

Dragontooth Cutlass, Dragontooth Membership, and Dragontooth Shiv;

Infinity Blade, Infinity Dagger, and Infinity Gavel;

Iridium Needle;

Ossified Blade;

some prior to now inaccessible pieces have additionally been made out there.



Blue Discus;

Mythical fish:

Glacierfish Jr.;

Legend II;

Ms. Angler;

Radioactive Carp;

Son of Crimsonfish.

35 artwork (many best present in competition retail outlets or whilst fishing positive places);

14 mattress variants;

ten rugs:

Blossom Rug;

Funky Rug;

Icy Rug;

Huge Cottage Rug;

Huge Inexperienced Rug;

Huge Purple Rug;

Mild Inexperienced Rug;

Trendy Rug;

Oceanic Rug;

Outdated Global Rug;

8 ‘ground divider’ rugs that may be positioned between rooms to enroll in visually other ground varieties;

5 fish tanks you’ll put fish in;

Ornamental Trash Can;

Gourmet Statue;

Iridium Krobus;

Huge Brown Sofa;

Undeniable Torch and Stump Torch;

Squirrel Figurine;

Tropical Chair.

  • Added a brand new ‘sconce’ furnishings kind with seven choices.
  • Added new floor:

Rustic Plank Ground;

Stone Walkway Ground.

  • Added new debuffs from enemies:

Darkness (dims lighting fixtures, making it tougher to peer in caves);

Nauseated (prevents you from consuming the rest);

Weak point (-20 Assault).

  • Added 15 new hair types.
  • Added mail from Krobus together with his personal desk bound.
  • Added new decorations and tweaks to many maps.
  • Added new easter egg at the identify display screen.
  • Added easter egg whilst you alternate your title on the The Shrine of Illusions to incorporate merchandise spawn codes.
  • Emily now visits Sandy on her birthday.

High quality of lifestyles adjustments

  • Added misplaced & discovered field in Mayor Lewis’ space. This can be utilized to retrieve pieces donated to failed particular orders, misplaced quest pieces and gear, pieces from offline gamers, hats from youngsters which have been was doves, and pieces left in the back of within the Stardew Valley Truthful grange show.
  • You’ll now sit down on chairs (each positioned furnishings and chairs which might be a part of the map).
  • You’ll now position maximum furnishings out of doors.
  • You’ll now communicate to folks whilst fixed on a horse.
  • You’ll now donate pieces of various qualities for a similar group package deal aspect.
  • You’ll not plant fruit bushes on tiles they received’t be capable of develop on.
  • Progressed sport menus and HUD:

The social tab now displays whether or not you talked to an NPC these days.

The cooking tab now displays the recipe for an merchandise whilst you hover over it.

The cooking tab now fades icons for recipes you recognize however haven’t made but.

The cooking/crafting tooltips now display the quantity produced.

The stock menu’s arrange button now combines partial merchandise stacks.

The stock menu for a chest chest now displays the Neighborhood Heart button.

The cargo display screen now displays the unit worth of shipped pieces as a substitute of exhibiting the shipped amount two times.

The hunt log now displays an arrow within the morning in case you have pending finished quests.

Buff icons now subtly pulse after they’re with regards to expiring.

Added a notification whilst you input a farm development if an incubator is able however the development is at max capability.

The “infestation” indicator within the mines is now drawn along the ground quantity, relatively than changing it.

You’ll now press ESC or controller B to transport the held merchandise in your stock (or drop it if you haven’t any extra stock room).

Whilst preserving a purchase order, the stock now highlights pieces you’ll stack it with.

Sprinklers can now water Slime Hutch troughs.

Hoes not take away sprinklers.

  • Progressed Adventure of the Prairie King:

Development can now be stored and resumed, so it may be finished in a couple of periods.

You presently additionally replay the unique issue even though you’ve already finished it. (Prior to now it might build up issue robotically, which is now a New Recreation+ mode.)

added choice to choose from a couple of fish-bite chime sounds;

added method to mute cattle and pets;

you’ll now scale the UI independently of the view zoom;

higher most zoom from 120% to 200%.

The jukebox now has a “Random” atmosphere.

Putting off a crystalarium that isn’t able for harvest will now drop the gem that was once positioned in it.

You’ll now push chests containing pieces by way of preserving the have interaction button on them with out a instrument supplied (the similar means you should prior to now take away empty chests with out the use of a device).

  • Progressed stock sorting:

not adjustments instrument order;

now varieties by way of high quality too;

now varieties names in alphabetical as a substitute of opposite alphabetical order.

  • Progressed museum donation interactions:

Clicking an merchandise now grabs one as a substitute of the entire stack.

Urgent again whilst putting an merchandise now returns to the stock as a substitute of last the entire UI.

Different minor enhancements.

Stability adjustments

Immunity now reduces the risk of standing debuffs.

Modified particular transfer cooldowns on daggers (6→three seconds) and golf equipment (4→6 seconds).

The dagger particular assault now pins the objective in position till the ultimate stab (which then knocks them again), so dagger hits are much less prone to omit.

Decreased desperado occupation’s harm bonus from 3x to 2x.

Reasonably stepped forward dagger essential hit probability.

Modified Cranium Brazier recipe (was once 10 Hardwood + Sun Essence + Coal; now 10 Bone Fragments).

Repairing a fence now restores complete fence fitness, as a substitute of part the fitness of a brand new fence.

Decreased the price of geese (2000→600g).

Doubled the price of duck feathers.

Reasonably higher the duck feather spawn price.

Fishing rod take on not loses staying power when catching junk.

Catching a non-fish merchandise not triggers the minigame.

Achieving an efficient fishing degree of 15+ now will increase the rod casting vary by way of one tile.

Gem nodes now supply mining XP and will drop diamonds.

Gem node drops are not restricted by way of mine degree.

Stumps and hole logs now have a 10% probability of shedding Mahogany Seed.

Any monster within the Secret Woods now has a 10% probability of shedding Mahogany Seed.

Skeletons now have 4% probability of shedding a Bone Sword.

Desert Golems now drop rice shoots extra steadily.

Some Cranium Cavern monsters now have a small probability of shedding Purple Cabbage Seeds.

Natural-white slimes now drop diamonds and subtle quartz.

Some packing containers now drop higher pieces after attaining the lowest of the mines at least one time.

Other drops now free up on mine ranges 60/80/100 and the primary degree of the Cranium Cavern.

Decreased probability of Lead Rod drops on mine ranges 60–79 (or Cranium Cavern degree 40+ sooner than the former repair), and added probability for Shadow Dagger and Picket Mallet.

Mine picket barrels can now drop Elementary Preserving Soil as a substitute of Sap.

Mine frost barrels can now drop High quality Preserving Soil as a substitute of Sap.

Decreased probability of frost barrels shedding Aquamarine, Frozen Geode, Hardwood, Jade, or apparatus from 35% to 26%.

Pierre will now promote his seasonal pieces year-round whenever you entire a undeniable new quest.

Added two extra pieces to the Stardew Valley Truthful famous person token store.

Decreased Workbench worth (3000→2000g).

Coconuts will also be bought from Sandy on Monday. That is now restricted to 10 in line with day.

Some machines’ processing time was once prior to now affected by the point of day. Those were standardized in order that they’re all the time able when the morning begins: Bee Space (each Four days), Mushroom Field (2 days), Ordinary Tablet (three days), Tapper (will depend on enter), and Malicious program Bin (each morning).

  • Doubled famous person token rewards for the slingshot and fishing minigames on the Stardew Valley Truthful.
  • Fertilizer within the greenhouse not disappears on season alternate in some instances.
  • The random Stone Owl and Ordinary Tablet night time occasions at the moment are a lot much less uncommon.

Multiplayer adjustments

  • Added native split-screen multiplayer mode.
  • The sign up for co-op display screen now recalls the ultimate IP you entered.
  • Farmhands can now transfer structures via Robin’s menu. The host can configure how this works (disabled, enabled, or just for a participant’s personal cabin).
  • The usage of the go back scepter now returns farmhands to their cabin’s entrance door as a substitute of the host’s farmhouse.
  • Added more than a few new chat messages when a participant does one thing.
  • When viewing a shared tournament in multiplayer (such because the Neighborhood Heart tournament, or Morris’ advent), you’re not forcibly warped to the development location.
  • When the host participant sees the yr three tournament, Grandpa’s Theme is now added to all gamers’ jukeboxes even though they didn’t weren’t in-game on the time.

Interplay adjustments

  • Transformed slingshot controls: it now goals on the cursor place, and is fired by way of preserving and liberating the mouse/gamepad fireplace button. The former mode (the place you’d hang the button and pull again at the cursor to try) will also be re-enabled within the choices menu if desired.
  • To simplify bulk movements like harvesting, preserving down a button whilst transferring will not repeat weapon particular assaults, open/shut barn/coop doorways, or have interaction with boulders, chests, furnishings, hole logs, meteorites, transport boxes, or scarecrows.
  • Built transport boxes now have a click-to-ship hitbox that higher suits the unique map-based transport bin’s hitbox.
  • Ground can now be carried out by way of clicking at the tile the farmer is status on. Prior to now, floor needed to be carried out to a tile subsequent to the farmer.
  • Buying recipes with a complete stock not displays a message that the stock is complete.
  • Clicking an empty tile proper above an interactive part (like a device or chest) now turns on the part, very similar to clicking underneath it in earlier variations.
  • Bushes chopped from above or underneath will now consider the participant’s horizontal place when falling to the left or proper.
  • Clicking close to the bottom-left nook of the display screen not brings up the chat field.
  • You’ll not open the search log by way of urgent the on-screen magazine button if you happen to’re these days doing one thing.
  • You’ll now use the “Y” key to reply to discussion containers for holes and go out ladders within the mines.
  • Controller enhancements:

When purchasing/having a bet tokens within the Stardew Valley Competition with a controller, preserving the quantity variety button now reasons the volume to extend sooner.

Occasions can now be skipped at the controller even though a discussion field is on-screen.

Urgent B on a controller whilst on a particular quest web page now returns to the search record as a substitute of last the menu.

Urgent B on a controller whilst an merchandise is held at the crafting menu now snaps to the trash can (very similar to the stock display screen).

Different adjustments

  • Save names at the moment are according to the farm title as a substitute of the participant title. (Saves at the start created sooner than 1.five will proceed the use of the participant title.)
  • Penny and the Dwarf now like artifacts.
  • Progressed dinosaur sleep sprites.
  • Characters now face you whilst you communicate to them as a substitute of when the discussion field closes (in singleplayer).
  • At the ultimate day of a tracked quest, the timer now says “ultimate day” as a substitute of “1 day” for readability.
  • Added many adjustments for modders.
  • Beauty tweaks to more than a few sprites.

Fixes for multiplayer

  • Mounted a topic the place fences would degrade sooner in Multiplayer.
  • Mounted factor the place a farmhand crashing whilst finishing the general package deal may completely save you the free up from correctly triggering. It’s now unlocked the following time a personality enters the realm.
  • Farmhands at the moment are correctly situated underneath the elevator as a substitute of the ladder when the use of it to navigate the mines.
  • Mounted a topic the place different farmers’ emotes would now not playback correctly if you happen to have been looking at an tournament.
  • Mounted a minor factor the place a couple of gamers getting the loose espresso present on the Night time Marketplace on the similar time may save you any individual from receiving it.
  • Mounted the be aware from Grandpa reappearing for farmhands.
  • Mounted factor the place cows in Haley’s photoshoot tournament may well be observed sliding round for farmhands. (Non-actor characters in occasions at the moment are managed by way of the host.)

Fixes for participant interplay

  • Mounted uncommon controller and mouse enter drops.
  • Mounted being not able to remount a horse after dismounting it in the back of a transport bin.
  • Mounted factor the place it might on occasion be inconceivable to call an animal with a controller since the onscreen keyboard would seem and disappear in the similar body.
  • Mounted persona customization display screen’s hair colour slider now not correctly updating when hair colour is randomized.
  • Mounted some farm tiles incorrectly fighting structures from being put on them.

Fixes for visible or beauty problems

  • Adjusted the sorting of merchandise able signs for tappers.
  • Unified when night time tiles get carried out to mend inconsistencies when home windows alternate from gentle to darkish.
  • The critters record is now cleared out in a single day. This fixes a topic the place having a Butterfly Hutch in your home and again and again snoozing with out leaving would spawn unending butterflies in the home.
  • Progressed more than a few textual content:

Mounted some localizations the use of inches for fish measurements to reference centimeters.

Mounted mill description now not bringing up rice.

Mounted typos in discussion and occasions.

Mounted lacking characters in Chinese language and Korean fonts.

Mounted credit now not appearing localizer names appropriately if the present language’s font doesn’t have the wanted characters.

Progressed many translations.

  • Mounted more than a few beauty/layering problems with persona shadows.
  • Mounted characters in occasions snapping to peculiar animation frames when skipping an tournament.
  • Mounted more than a few cases the place the digicam would pan unnecessarily after converting places.
  • Mounted greenhouse bushes taking over seasonal appearances.
  • Mounted tooltip for getting safe to eat however non-health-restoring pieces (like crocus) appearing worth out of doors of the tooltip.
  • Mounted a single-frame flicker in Haley’s 10-heart tournament.
  • Mounted a unmarried body flicker of the farm when beginning a brand new sport.
  • Mounted stamina bar appearing sweat debris when fishing all through the fishing pageant.
  • Mounted the scythe appearing the weapon skill cooldown results.
  • Mounted the inaccurate door tile visual at the south finish of the usual farm all through iciness.
  • Mounted factor the place unlocking a couple of group middle bundles immediately would make the display screen pan to the similar room a couple of occasions.
  • Mounted more than a few problems associated with the Competition of Ice map, like having the ability to break out the competition bounds or upfront finish the competition from positive tiles, and minor visible fixes.
  • Mounted terrain options appearing an “have interaction” cursor when mousing over their tiles all through fairs.
  • Mounted choices web page scrollbar on occasion going previous the top of the scrollbar area.
  • Mounted more than a few textual content overflow problems at the choices web page.
  • Mounted chests spawned on positive Cranium Cavern flooring being shifted down by way of Four tiles.
  • Mounted tiling of…

ground tiles within the farmhouse so carried out floor in adjoining rooms seem contiguous as a substitute of getting laborious edges;

wall tiles within the farmhouse to mend sorting of positive gadgets that reach out of doors commonplace tile obstacles (e.g. grass starter).

the fountain in order that it has a extra constant look all over the seasons;

Pierre’s stand on the Egg Competition to mend layering problems.

Different computer virus fixes

  • Mounted crash when resizing sport window in some instances.
  • Mounted uncommon crash on release because of invalid sport window dimension choices.
  • Mounted Iridium Bat kills now not counting against Adventurer’s Guild bat eradication function.
  • Mounted a topic the place the Mermaid Display praise was once behind schedule incorrectly.
  • Mounted some occasions appearing a dismal blue display screen after fading out when seen all through wet days.
  • Mounted museum-related rarecrows now not offered on the Night time Marketplace after being unlocked.
  • Mounted factor the place non-wooden gates would revert to wood gates after saving & loading a sport.
  • Mounted having the ability to upload staircases to the Luau.
  • Mounted an merchandise duplication exploit associated with chest group.
  • Mounted a minor desync in persona pathfinding that would occur when characters pathed to the JojaMart on modded video games.
  • Mounted Penny strolling via partitions on wet days if you happen to’ve finished the group improve.
  • Mounted Penny’s 4-heart tournament now not out there whenever you end the group improve.
  • Mounted fences now not accumulated appropriately after a divorce or Penny’s 14-heart tournament.
  • Mounted characters greeting you whilst you input a location after they’re now not provide.
  • Mounted characters you divorced nonetheless greeting you whilst you input a location.
  • Mounted factor the place an NPC partner fails to pathfind when a participant/NPC is obstructing the entrance door after they take a look at, inflicting them to face in position as a substitute.
  • Mounted vegetation on occasion rising an afternoon slower than they must.
  • Mounted making use of floor for the primary time in an upgraded space on occasion inflicting the floor within the kitchen to change to the default wooden floors.
  • Mounted factor the place using a horse whilst travelling from one location to some other diagonally would again and again warp backward and forward between the 2 places.
  • Mounted watered slime hutch troughs emptied whilst you load a save. (This basically impacts loading a mid-day save on cellular.)
  • Mounted the group middle now not correctly loading the refurbished map variant on sport load. This led to characters like Maru to trail incorrectly in them if the participant had now not visited the Neighborhood Heart all through that playthrough.
  • Mounted the weekly friendship spice up for giving an NPC two items now not carried out if you happen to additionally gave them a 3rd present for his or her birthday.
  • Mounted in a single day lightning now not randomized appropriately, so both each in a single day lightning would strike or none of them would.
  • Mounted factor the place stones, picket, and weeds may spawn on most sensible of terrain options when a brand new yr starts.

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