Stakes Higher Than 250,000

It has get known of the roast found of SuperScore, the new sports card-playing back of Unibet and Expekt. The stake is to be marketed as an option to otc sports card-playing games such as Sweden’s Bomben.

The players of the gamey try to foretell the results of betwixt two and iv soccer or ice-hockey matches. The games are promised to be from Scandinavian leagues, English. Spanish and Italian football leagues aboard with adjacent month’s Euro две тысячи восемь contest.

Bigger plunder pools may be useable for players if the back is made usable to former individual operators.

“In SuperScore, the taking odds are hoped-for to be as highschool as 250,000 or sometimes evening higher,” aforesaid Svein Jonassen, Ceo for Monnet Enterprises.

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