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25 Replies to “So MANY BONUSES Lands HANDPAY JACKPOT on Autumn Moon!”

  1. Whats the biggest jackpot you've ever won? Back in February before covid shut everything down I was at the local cassino playing the lightening link doing a $5 max bet and on my 3rd push i got the free games, on the last free game it gave me the lightening link bonus and I got all 15 balls which paid me $17,645, ill never forget that day, it was just 4 days before my birthday. FYI, I live in Canada so its all tax free. 😆

  2. You need to get Best or better on your gambling,this session was sweet,like or comment,the videos got to be the number one,like me,bye😀

  3. Your show good wins…. and understand you do it for views… you show your biggest jackpots…can you tell how much are or were your biggest losses….

  4. I really do have a newfound respect for you dew to your full disclosure video on Facebook revenue. I'm just struggling with hubby always just watching ?????????????? he is so good at changing the bet at the right time. You two remind me of my sister and brother-in-law set him FREE and talk to your viewers while playing no ?

  5. Would you ever consider doing a challenge of only 10 spins per slot. I hear a lot of people only giving a slot 10 spins as a smart play and moving on to another win or lose.

  6. the machine doesn't care how much money u have n the machine or how much your bet is for each lucky roll both during regular line hits n bonuses are already programmed thus it's pure luck that on that next roll u bet max that's why it's called gambling u may never get anything but non winning rolls despite how much or how little u bet don't matter it all depends on what sequence of rolls u got to sit in on u may get nothing but bad rolls a good one once in a while n any combination thereof unless u max bet each n every roll u stand to not do as well as if u did the machines can be n are tightened n loosened casinos won't ever admit to that Wednesday 12 noon to 4 pm windows when they're most loose trust me im a true max bet only gambler happy gambling 😀

  7. Wow could that last bonus tease you any more?? All those symbols but when they revealed they were not good! Easy come, easy go–thanks for sharing!

  8. Have a great Holiday Season guys … is there a lockdown in effect in your ATL area? In Vegas – thank god! – everything is open so far, though at reduced capacity. Buena suerte, Saludos cordiales y besitos!

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