SNK vs. Capcom: The Fit of the Millennium Evaluation (Transfer eShop)

As soon as upon a time, the combat between Capcom and SNK was once genuine. Throughout the early ’90s, the 2 corporations – every devoted to the evolution of the combating recreation – embarked in a tit-for-tat chilly conflict.

SNK’s Ryo, an orange gi-wearing approximation of Boulevard Fighter’s Ryu, ended up in Capcom’s legitimate Boulevard Fighter II: Champion Version art work as a downed opponent. Now not handiest was once the orange gi gift, however the fighter, face hidden underneath Sagat’s mighty grip, sported a ponytail very similar to Artwork of Combating’s Robert Garcia. SNK replied by means of hanging a chain of statues equivalent to Boulevard Fighter II’s Guile, Fei Lengthy, Zangief and Akuma within the background of a King of Warring parties ’94 cutscene. Rugal Bernstein, the sport’s ultimate boss, pronounces them statues of combatants he has defeated. A yr later in 1995, Capcom published secret Boulevard Fighter Alpha combatant Dan Hibiki: a slapstick, crying, parody amalgam of Artwork of Combating’s main duo.

The corporations even warred over personnel, with Boulevard Fighter director Takashi Nishiyama leaving Capcom for SNK on the finish of the ’80s to create the Deadly Fury collection. As head of building for SNK it was once Nishiyama, who – conscious that SNK was once just about chapter – sooner or later introduced the speculation for a crossover to Capcom’s Yoshiki Okamoto (Boulevard Fighter II). The remainder is historical past, and the crossover birthed a number of titles between 1999 and 2003; some SNK evolved, others by means of Capcom. Ahead of the arcade releases and next Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 ports, the gala kicked off on SNK’s Neo Geo Pocket with SNK vs. Capcom: Fit of the Millennium.

Stylistically carved from the similar mold as the remainder of the Neo Pocket’s combating recreation catalogue, SNK vs. Capcom: Fit of the Millennium includes a handpicked line-up of expressive pint-sized SNK and Capcom favourites. Exceptionally introduced, the advent flashily showcases the clashing casts: SNK’s Ryo and Capcom’s Dan Hibiki comically locked in dragon punches, and Ryu’s archetypal into-the-screen fireball whisking you to the identify display screen.

Plucked from the Boulevard Fighter, Darkstalkers, Samurai Showdown, Deadly Fury, and King of Warring parties universes, the sport boasts 18 right away to be had characters with an additional eight to free up, bringing the entire playable roster to a whopping 26. Along with the central Event, ‘Olympic’ mode gives up more than a few condition-based staying power demanding situations, and a suite of particular mini-games from the worlds of Steel Slug, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Samurai Showdown and Darkstalkers. Those consist of easy score-based distractions that vary from alien capturing galleries to Bemani-style reflex exams with a selection of recognisable tune tracks. Within the unique model of the sport at the NGPC, issues won all through those video games might be transferred to the Sega Dreamcast (by means of a hyperlink cable which is now extraordinarily pricey) and utilized in Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Combat 2000 to free up additional combatants.

SNK vs. Capcom: Fit of the Millennium splendidly and deftly merges its Capcom and SNK IPs; arguably to raised impact than SNK’s 2003 arcade launch, SNK vs. Capcom Chaos. The Neo Pocket’s conventional two-button setup stays unaltered, utilising temporary button faucets for mild punches and kicks, and relatively longer presses for sturdy assaults. Boulevard Fighter characters and managers function nearly entire Alpha collection move-sets, whilst the SNK girls and boys boast in a similar way up-to-date (for the time of launch) repertoires. Vastly spectacular combo-building is ever-present, in addition to every persona’s signature tremendous assaults. And, regardless of hailing from franchises with distinctive combating recreation houses, it’s all excellently honed to make sure fighters are flippantly balanced in combat.

Past the springy mechanics, SNK vs. Capcom: Fit of the Millennium’s aesthetic is lovely. An impressed color palette stretches the Neo Pocket to its limits, and the sport’s menu monitors pop with detailed persona portraits and excellent graphical preparations. Degree backgrounds are drawn from the a long way corners of the SNK and Capcom pantheon, and persona tune issues play correctly relying on who you face off towards.

In a recreation already full of content material, you’ll be able to manner the Event mode in both a standard 1 vs 1 setup; a three vs three staff combat (within the genre of King of Warring parties); or a real-time Tag Crew choice within the vein of Surprise vs. Capcom. There could also be a selection of 3 tremendous gauge fee types plucked from the Boulevard Fighter and King of Warring parties collection.

Every persona fights a particular rival on the fourth degree bout, triggering a real closing boss within the type of both Evil Ryu or Orochi Iori, and just right or unhealthy endings relying on whether or not or no longer the rival is defeated. The sport’s just right humour in regards to the SNK and Capcom contention is sweet to look, with quite a lot of idea put into the more than a few cutscenes and pre-bout exchanges. For instance, when Ryo and Dan after all meet, Ryo calls for to understand why Dan is carrying his garments.

Even if it does really feel just like the AI is marginally advanced over one of the console’s previous releases, SNK vs. Capcom: Fit of the Millennium nonetheless suffers from being a long way too simple on default settings, after which rather irritating all through true closing boss encounters. It’s a breeze to defeat the M.Bison and Ducks Howard team-up; however Evil Ryu and Iori may also be difficult, wearing competitive assault AI and large harm output. Looking to win flooring towards them in staff combat mode, the place they regenerate a big portion of well being in step with spherical, may also be very difficult.

A Transfer particular factor is that the analog stick is sub-optimal in comparison to the Neo Geo Pocket’s unique micro-switched stick. Getting dragon punches to fly may also be overly difficult within the warmth of combat, making all of it really feel a little bit obscure. You may wish to succeed in for another pad or stick in case you have one, particularly when enticing in two-player battles.

Criticisms levelled on the Transfer’s earlier Neo Pocket ports stay unaddressed. There is not any on-the-fly move-list to be had from the sub-menu, leaving you to laboriously load photographs of the sport’s handbook without a fast indexing (and it doesn’t even come with the eight unlockable characters). The exterior presentation is ok, with the sport taking part in in the right kind side ratio, a couple of great bezel choices and a filter out to tinker with – however there’s little or no in the best way of distinctive extras. An solution to map the sport’s 4 assaults to 4 buttons has as soon as once more been criminally lost sight of.


In spite of some re-release shortcomings, SNK vs. Capcom: Fit of the Millennium stays no longer just a captivating piece of historical past, however a complete combating recreation with impressively taut elasticity. Bursting with move-sets that as it should be replicate the arcade opposite numbers from which they’re derived, it represents the instant {that a} mythical contention thawed out and shook palms, and a fanfare for SNK’s superb however ill-fated hand-held. There additionally stays one thing particular about having such a lot of faces from such a lot of other collection occupying the similar display screen area, and in such just right spirits. Seeing pocket-sized Kyo and Chun-Li combat it out on her Nice Wall degree or Ken and Ryu’s fireballs trailing throughout Krauser’s cathedral is an revel in price revisiting. It’s an object of each its time and structure, and you want to be ready for that; however SNK as opposed to Capcom? That actually is the fit of the millennium.

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