Slots reside at San Manuel On line casino! LIVE playing!

Come sign up for the Neily’s on fb! Now you’ll change into partial to Neil on Patreon, and assist Neil create his long run …

30 Replies to “Slots reside at San Manuel On line casino! LIVE playing!”

  1. Hi Neily 777 New Subscriber here, hoping you can do the same for me. I enjoy your videos , thanks for sharing and continued luck 🍀💚🍀

  2. Hi! Neil… double blessings is the machine I won 14,000 dollars on with a 88 cent bet… good to see you back you are on of my favorite people and slot channel, so good luck and may all your jackpots be monsters!!!!!

  3. Sorry I missed you Live!! 👍😄❤️. I’m happy you’re staying safe 😷👍😷. Have a Great Weekend and Good Luck 🍀👍

  4. Missed the live stream but glad you're back at it! I think it's cool SM is taking precautions. Thanks for pointing that out 👍. Dusting off the luck

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