Slot automobile racing Ecu Championship Finals, Helsinki

Slot automobile racing Ecu Championship Finals 14.3.2010

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  1. Pilots look like they all have epilepsy's. Their heads move like they do

  2. Посмотрите на их головы , они ей мотают как котенок за игрушкой. Ну придурки. Понимаю, если человек сам управляет машинкой на трассе, повороты там делает и т.д. А здесь она сама несеться по рельсе. Стремно как то.

  3. As a baby boomer slot cars arrived on the scene early '60s. The cars were mainly scalextric, standard or modified with another special brand, cant remember the name that went faster. It was fun and exciting no one had ever heard of a computer and models of all types were the rage. If you weren't into slot cars you were into contol line model aeroplanes. If you were super cool you posed around town like a fonzy and tried to pick up girls. We had a club. In races the cars crashed every second corner and if you were lucky when you did crash you could wipe out half the other cars. It was a lot of fun. Many years later, some thirty years ago I tried again but the driving skill my specialty was gone. The cars were so good they rarely came off at full throttle. When looking now at the above video my aging eyes developed eye strain watching LOL.

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