Skyrim Mod of the Day – Episode 210: Blackjack

No longer only a thieves weapon, it will and must be used by all stealthy characters, particularly weaker ones! Obtain right here: ‣ Blackjack (Nexus): …

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  1. Very useful 4 any player in higher settings for 1. A higher lvl stealth would be 1 shotting anyway…And on higher settings this would be useful even to them. As for the non stealths well u sneaking can be a 50-50 (even less; so u wouldn't get close for hit anyway) when u resort to it. And even if could your dmg would suck; where as in RL it would be fatal. This allows u to have a reason 4 sneaking as any type of character. This is a very good addition. And adds balance imo to 1 not exploiting.

  2. I made a mod you would surely like I hope!
    You want to just take a look at it? It replaces all boats of Skyrim with real working ones, but really they work! It's on the Nexus: Finally! Real Boats! /mods/33247
    Thank you very well!! 😀

  3. would also be awesome if thieves and other people in dungeons play card games, because they often talk about them when they haven't seen you yet.

  4. When I saw the title of this mod, I got excited. The idea of a CASINO mod in Skyrim is awesome! It doesn't sound like it would be all that difficult, and if you stick only to card games, then it's entirely lore-friendly. You can have them take place in the inns of the game, with NPCs created specifically to play with.

    Somebody, if you can see my comment, please make one of these!

    And, everybody else, thumbs-up if you want to see this.

  5. Like I said, they will aggro on you if you stay in the vicinity when they awake, I imagine this is confined to the cells of the game design. So if you clubbed Belethor in his shop for example, then you left and sat around Whiterun, he'd probably not attack you.

  6. By the way I have a question, if I'm not there and when thet wake up, will they come after me ?Will the both civilians and guard be hostile when they wake up?

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