Skip and Shannon react to 'The Remaining Dance' portrayal of MJ's playing behavior | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Michael Jordan’s documentary ‘The Remaining Dance’ took a better have a look at MJ’s in depth playing behavior all the way through his time with the Chicago Bulls. Listen what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to mention about why this result in him taking a 12 months off from the NBA.

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UNDISPUTED is a day-to-day two-and-a-half hour sports activities debate display starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Each day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate reviews at the largest sports activities subjects of the day.

Skip and Shannon react to ‘The Remaining Dance’ portrayal of MJ’s playing behavior | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

46 Replies to “Skip and Shannon react to 'The Remaining Dance' portrayal of MJ's playing behavior | NBA | UNDISPUTED”

  1. I am going to be the conspiracy theorist and say stuff people may not want to hear but the rumor was when his dad died that it was because of a gambling debt and the rumor was he was gambling big time in Atlantic City during hat kNick series where Shannon pointed out he shot 17% from the field. Whoever killed his dad deserves to die

  2. Has there ever been an athlete in history of sports that has been treated like a god like Michael Jordan? Jackie Robinson deserves that love

  3. Gambling isn't bad, it's only bad when somebody's more than one body has to die and innocent young men goes to jail for life. Yea, that's when it's bad, matted fact it should force a retirement.

  4. MJ's the GOAT, but Shannon does make a fair point about the heightened media scrutiny, tabloid and social, that Lebron has to deal with.

  5. Are you finished? Skip invited Shannon to his show but every episode he appears impatient and rush him to finish talking so skip can start rambling and throwing out stats!!!

  6. I wouldn't say it's an issue if your a multi-billionaire who's ALWAYS gonna continuously make money because of his shoes and other investments. It's a problem for people who have gambling problems who don't make much money.

  7. This is naive… Jordan made so much money for everyone around him the idea of banishing him or killing his dad as a message is a joke. Him leaving the nba cost them so many millions the owners would have brokered something to keep this on the dL. If the mafia killed his dad it would have brought too much attention and Jordan could have hired his own people with the money he had to retaliate. The cost benefit is way too skewed to be real.

  8. Did no one see Shannon almost cry at the end of his first turn? As an athlete who knows that passion and grind so well, Jordans quote about his dream arguably not being worth it nearly broke him. Did to me as well

  9. It almost sounded like he was shaving points when this old mob boss was talking about jordan and grant gambling 5dollars and then the mobster started talking about how athletes are terrible gamblers and some 9f them had to shave points to get out of debt

  10. Michael Jordan never had that energy for Charles Oakley. (When you pick and choose who gets that treatment, it becomes bullying) Otherwise, I agree with his method.

  11. Lebron James will never eclipse the GOAT.
    The GOAT did not succumb to peer pressure and become a political analyst.
    I am a basketball player.
    Conservatives and liberals both watch basketball.

  12. Why is Mike crying like he lost a parent after winning the championship, he got a call. They told him the price, for not throwing games.

  13. The elite killed his father. Mike gambled he wouldn't get touched. Look at Mike after the last championship before his father was assassinated. Mike refused to lose! Paid the ultimate price. That is what he regrets.

  14. i like MJ for not hating on us republicans. he treats us like we’re real people instead of how lebron and those guys treat us

  15. Besides Michael Jordan's superior level as a basketball player. He came into the NBA very sophisticated and well spoken. Its almost like he set himself up in many ways of being that role model.

  16. Can anyone tell me why Skip always squinting his eyes and twisting his face like he having trouble seeing words instead of hearing them?

  17. I would much rather have a mogul ball player solely focus on perfecting his craft than a mogul ball player trying to be political and leading our people down a dangerous road.

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