40 Replies to “Skilled Gambler RJ Cipriani Befriends Andrew Cube Clay”

  1. I hope Bryan Callen never kills himself that would be sad for 63 year old man. Please Bryan Callen don't kill yourself not at this age.

  2. Bryan get your old wrinkly ass eye lids over to TFATK and roast the shit out of Shapel and Malik and take your show back before they completely run it into the ground

  3. I think you've gained like 2k subscribers since this morning! Keep it up! Ups to chin for all the hard work 💪. Keep the content coming guys

  4. Where the whole podcast? Fucking leave it up to Bryan to post clips and not a full podcast. Bry to get the most views, do both…. who am I kidding bry does not know how to post to YouTube he’s at least like 72

  5. cant tell ya how happy I am to see my favorite comedian Brian Callen back doing his thing! I laughed my ass off at that Indianapolis show a few months back

  6. Bryan, if it was a dude that tried to smear your name and say you did something you know you didn't, you would go after dude in every way possible, and you would be on it in conversations when it was relevant. Treat this no different. If it flys, say F that B. Don't ignore it and try to act like it didn't happen. Act and live like you are not guilty.

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