Six Tricks to Get started Your Journey in The Falconeer, Out Lately on Xbox Sequence X|S

Hello, I’m Tomas Sala, author of The Falconeer – an open-world aerial battle sport the place you pilot a large warbird within the skies above an unlimited open international lined through an unending ocean. After 5 years in building, I’m proud to release the sport lately for Xbox and PC.

The Falconeer is a sport about exploration, agile battle, top journey and deep mysteries you’ll discover as you play during the marketing campaign. It’s additionally an effective way to unharness the ability of your new Xbox Sequence X|S, working at as much as 120fps in Efficiency Mode on each consoles.

As a author I love growing gameplay greater than I love growing tutorials! However sooner than you are taking flight over the oceans of The Nice Ursee, I’d like to supply a couple of tips and assist you to in finding your wings.

Keep On Goal

The Falconeer is all about getting up shut and private along with your enemies. Your warbird is extra agile than a fighter jet, however your guns are vague at vary. As a substitute of attractive at a distance, shut the distance. And as soon as you’re shut interact your lock through tapping X at the controller which may also turn on intention help, making it imaginable to hit the ones goals at breakneck speeds.

The Falconeer

Dive Into The Maw

In The Falconeer’s first bankruptcy you’ll in finding your self loose to discover the open international, so take a discuss with to The Maw. Positioned close to the beginning the town of Dunkle, The Maw is a churning supernatural canyon in the course of the huge ocean. Historic shrines and temples line the sides of The Maw, revealing the legendary backstory of The Nice Ursee or unlocking Chants – passive buffs you’ll upload to empower your warbird sooner than launching into battle.

Play Your Manner

The Nice Ursee’s international is all the time open however its marketing campaign is informed throughout a chain of chapters, each and every with their very own theme. I sought after gamers so to enjoy the tale in any order they select, so if you’re feeling courageous you’ll dive into Bankruptcy 3 and Bankruptcy 4 to discover some epic content material immediately.

The Falconeer

Shrine Looking

Shrines release the map of the realm, new lore and new skills from the Sea Chantress. Chants exchange the way you’ll play the sport. Memorial will increase the distances at which you’ll accumulate the sport’s forex, Splinters. Bloodlust refills your well being gauge for defeating enemies. Purify powers-up your photographs to create epic chain reactions when eliminating battleship turrets. They’re simply one among a number of tactics to customise your warbird and alter the sport.


Biochemists out within the open international be offering mutagens to improve your warbird’s pace, agility, well being regeneration and different components. Biochemist Kytera sells virtually each mutagen within the sport if you’ll in finding them hidden at their half-sunken laboratory someplace within the nice ocean.

The Falconeer

Race For Your Easiest Warbird

Other people you’ll meet within the open international will promote warbirds, however to qualify you’ll want to beat a tribulation. Marked through small flame icons at the map, each and every trial unlocks a special warbird. A Royal Strongfeather is super-agile and super-fast, whilst the Imperial Cavalier is a super-strong flying tank. You’ll in finding numerous selection out in The Nice Ursee

The Falconeer is an excessively private sport for me, impressed through the vintage flight video games of the 90s and 00s like Pink Baron, Aces Over The Pacific, TIE Fighter and OG Xbox vintage Pink Skies. For many of the final 5 years I’ve labored on my own at the sport, however I’ve benefited a great deal from the creativity and beef up of the staff at Stressed out Productions and our fantastic composer Benedict Nichols whose ranking brings the arena of The Nice Ursee to existence with an unique orchestra of tools and voices, from Scottish bagpipes to Mongolian throat making a song.

For me The Falconeer is concerning the need to flee and to upward thrust above darkness. It’s a sport concerning the freedom discovered within the skies above a dismal ocean that all the time threatens to tug you down. So to create The Falconeer with out compromise used to be my function. I am hoping while you play The Falconeer you’ll really feel the one who made it has put one thing of themselves in there, and I am hoping you in finding that makes it extra significant come what may.

However it’s k when you simply need to take down large aerial battleship from the again of a big-ass chook!

The Falconeer

Xbox Live

The Falconeer

Stressed out Productions


Generations of toxic choices and treason swirl within the deep, as factions collide

Change into the Falconeer and jump during the skies aboard a devastatingly tough Warbird. Discover secrets and techniques misplaced to the ocean as you sign up for or oppose other factions and clans scattered all through The Nice Ursee. Make the most of more than one Falconeer categories with person stats, guns and warbirds that may be upgraded via profitable battles, finishing quests, finding secrets and techniques, or making use of Mutagens or Chants. Use ocean thermals and effort to dive, dodge, barrel-roll, and twist to achieve a bonus.

The Falconeer is an open-world air battle sport, that includes immediate, brutal aerial dogfights and deep exploration of a fantastic myth open-world set no longer simplest above the clouds, but in addition among the waves and down during the sunken, ocean depths.

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