Singer, actor, 'The Gambler': Kenny Rogers dies at 81

Actor-singer Kenny Rogers, who embodied “The Gambler” character and whose musical profession spanned jazz, folks, nation and dad has died at 81. Singer, actor, ‘The Gambler’: Kenny Rogers dies at 81

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  1. My father favourite singer,Idol. And the couch .. i know Kenny Rogers from my father.. and i think he is the greatest soul singer..

  2. We will all miss KennySO much. He was a part of our music culture. I would like to think he’s in Heaven,singing for our Lord right by the “pearly gates” welcoming dear souls into eternity.

  3. Wasn't happy with his results with plastic surgery. Unfortunately that's an understatement. He was naturally so attractive. He was truly a legend.

  4. Just think, Dolly paired up with Kenny so we got the best of him in music. Oh my gosh those songs! My fav was Lady, not gambler 😊

  5. Even if I didn’t grow up in that great music era since I’m only 15, Kenny was a great singer I first heard him about 3 years ago and loved his voice. I found out about his death in the morning by checking the weather and then seeing “Kenny Rogers dead at age 81”. I was expecting people crying over Social Media since people cried for Juice Wrld, Cameron Boyce, etc, but no and when I told my sisters they didn’t even know who was and weren’t interested in hearing me talk about him smh. Thank goodness Kenny died peacefully of natural causes. Rest In Peace Kenny Rogers.

  6. I remember when took a gamble with that plastic surgery and lost. Otherwise, he really was man of 80’s with voice that some of us remember so well. I remember watching him perform when he would place his son Christoper on shoulder during performances and sing. He seemed to be crazy in love about his family. God Bless his Family and my he find rest.

  7. i remember in the 80's in rochester,ny. his tour bus went by st.paul st. he stayed at the hotel on state st. i saw the bus go by , he was touring in my area.he will be missed. (rip)

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