Shirakami Fubuki – Downside Playing PSA

my thoughts’s telling me no however my frame Unique circulation⬇️ Fubuki⬇️ …

22 Replies to “Shirakami Fubuki – Downside Playing PSA”

  1. Fubuki: wait I'm gonna take some loan from yagoo..

    How irony when YAGOO save these girl life, but in return they make his life miserablyಠ◡ಠ. I say it… Win-Win, I guess KUSA

  2. Fubuki's current debt: around 10k fucking dollars/euros

    she gets enough chips to clear her debt

    next clip: aaaand there they go lmao

    Edit: at the end she sounds like a middled aged depressed salaryman lol

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