Selena Gomez & Richard H. Thaler Explaining Artificial CDO thru BLACKJACK

listed here are Selena Gomez and Richard h. Thaler(Father of behavioral economics) explaining & describing Artificial CDO CDO is collateral debt. legal responsibility please …

25 Replies to “Selena Gomez & Richard H. Thaler Explaining Artificial CDO thru BLACKJACK”

  1. Anyone back here after Robinhood shut down GME Gamestop stock purchases but allowed selling to manipulate the price? I feel like we're watching the anti-sequel to The Big Short where the public fights back against short selling.

  2. This got a little annoying when these Hott young actresses started to pretend they knew finance better than the audience. They know as much about this subject (today) as the Florida stripper did back in 2006.

  3. Love how clever these writers are. The banks don't want you to understand this, here's Selena to explain. Get it?

  4. Can someone explain what's the difference between these derivative bets and having different bets in various amounts on the same event? That second synthetic CDO is still a bet on who wins the blackjack hand, just involving more money than the other bet.

  5. I know this is pretty shallow, but I think we could use more experts paired with pretty pop stars explaining complex topics. Is it a crime to need a little bit more incentive than just learning? haha.

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