Seeking to get into Big name On line casino with COVID-19

With Big name On line casino nonetheless open whilst all different leisure venues are locked down, we made up our minds to check simply how significantly they are taking COVID-19

15 Replies to “Seeking to get into Big name On line casino with COVID-19”

  1. I bet they would treat a FAIL seriously if the covid test checked how much money you had to gamble with.

    In fact, I'll put $100 on it.

  2. Okay so I saw a clip of this on r/Australia. Someone commented "oi it's ididathing" and I just died inside. I should've recognised that buttery voice.

    Edit: Ididathing has confirmed below that it's not him but instead his evil clone. Rest assured he is on a journey to vanquish this imposter.

  3. I imagined making a Zombie Apocalypse type movie, where the protagonist tries to escape the hoards of Zombies following them!
    Only to arrive at the Sydney Casino & the protagonist realise the Zombies aren't trying to eat their brains; they want to get into the Casino to Play the Pokies!!!

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