Science fiction in 2020: A information to nice sci-fi concerning the long term

What does the long run grasp? In a second of strife and uncertainty, the query turns into much more pressing. And as all the time, science fiction storytellers have imagined the solutions — and proceed to take action via essentially the most turbulent occasions.

For Polygon’s first Sci-fi Week, we’re that specialize in the tales — in books, films, TV, video games, and past — that speculate on what’s to come back, and the brand new voices who stretch their imaginations via time. Sure, there are pillars of the style that can by no means fall out of favor (the wonderful thing about atmosphere a tale masses of years someday), however in 2020, there’s an entire new batch of sci-fi probing the nice unknown. What are the brand new regulations of science fiction? How are storytellers rewiring vintage tropes to be extra pressing and reflective of our provide? How are the tales of nowadays shaping the arena of day after today? All the way through the week, we’ll discover robot-filled societies of Earth, the a long way reaches of area, or even our personal tangible long term, as IRL innovators attempt to make goals a fact. From dystopias to utopias and the whole lot in-between, that is Polygon’s take a look at our subsequent long term.

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