Say YES To Making an attempt New Video games – BlackJack Clips

Say YES To Making an attempt New Video games – BlackJack Clips

This night I need to discuss why you will have to say YES extra regularly and take a look at the ones video games you assume are not for you.

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4 Replies to “Say YES To Making an attempt New Video games – BlackJack Clips”

  1. Marvel: Crisis Protocol looks great and i love the marvel univers but as you mentioned this game is way to expensive even if i would enjoy playing it.
    30 euro+ for one or 2 mini's and if you buy everything at this point it would cost around 500 euro… that's way to much. And i hardley say no to a game hehe i own 618 games.

  2. Great topic mate. I couldn't agree more with you about Blood Bowl. I played it several times. At first, I really liked the game, but the more I played it, I realized that I didn't like the activation and how you get punished by your dice rolls.

    I know that there's a luck factor when you roll the dice, but that factor should only be applied for attack and defense rolls. Not for activation. On my third game, I consequently got the worst roll on my first activation. It wasn't fun and I realized that this is not the game for me. I'll stick with Blitz Bowl instead.

  3. Another positive and empowering chat, proving why you the king of the live stream. Warcry is one for me too, not into Chaos and didn't think it would be for me. It's now my favourite skirmish game. The problem for me is I already have more games than I have time to play, so it has to be a bit of one in one out for me. Warcry completely replaced Underworlds for me. I wish we were getting Blitz Bowl in Australia :(.

  4. Really great video as always. Sorry I couldn't get on the live stream.
    Very much want to say yes to a lot of games but funds and space always stop me 😂😂

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