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  1. well umm I don't like killing people but sometimes I dream shooting and killing people I kinda like it a lil bit

  2. Bruh the best way to win the game just bring a tank like really just have a shell in the camber boom and then kill every body in the city with a nuke but just stay far far away from the blast done good as new :>>>>>>

  3. Why did you add lots of gore? You should’ve made it 13+, you don’t know how many ppl have been fooled, and ended up seeing that red stuff :/

  4. My daughters loved it and my oldest one wanted to ask : why did the boy know what the girl was wearing

  5. Ok i dont blame you because not to many people know this but the lyrics are "let go of everything within, re-lease the inner beast" not peace

  6. Вы когда-нибудь видели комментарий и были как человек, я хотел бы, чтобы я написал это.

    Btw I’m not Russian I got that off google translate xD

  7. I actually played this game it’s fun but do it with your enemy’s also it’s annoying cleaning up the blood

  8. No hate but Russian roulette only has one bullet so why was she able to shoot her mom with another bullet after she already used her bullet to kill the guy

  9. That’s not quite how Russian Roulette.. works..?

    Sorry! I don’t mean to be offensive! I just- want to make sure you know..

  10. Russian roulette is when you at least 3-4 players And one gun. In that gun there’s a bullet in a random spot. You take turns pulling the trigger and one of you will die because the bullet.

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