Russian Roulette || GLMV & GLMM || OC's previous || creepypasta

Sorry for the lengthy wait however right here you cross! Thanks such a lot for the 14okay subscribers! I made this for one I did not know what else to submit and two for the 14okay …

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  1. Please note that I didn't know how bad the audio was until I uploaded the video😐 If I could change it I would but that would mean I'mll have to re-upload it and I really don't want to do that… I'm so sorry for the audio…

  2. Anyone from the start forget to read the ending of the title and saw mr S and be like of wait a minute, wait a damn minute, DatsDats slender? And read the title fully and be like, oh I was right! No just me… ok

  3. I don't know if it's just me
    Do I feel like torturing Mason, and when he's dead in the most slow brutal death, I can bring him back to life and try another method to brutally kill him slowly?
    Do I have a twisted mind?
    Oh no I'm only 12!😱

  4. I didn’t see it was ft creeppasta so at first I Thought mr s was a Teacher then when she fell off the school roof mr s so weird then I was hmm if his name is mr s he has to be slender man

    Can pls have a shoutout too

    RUSSIAN ROULETTE; Russian people play this game if they are insane or deeply depressed, the people who survive are the ones that don't have bullets in their gun. You should make sire all guns have no bullets in before playing. THIS ISNT FAKE. Don't play this game, you may loose a family member, a friend or your own life..

  6. I'm sorry but can we please stop saying all Chloes are brats and blondes cause I'm sorry but you should now ennimies witch is not blondes or Chloes but this is not a hate cmmt just telling ya

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