RuneScape's Playing Bot Mafia (OSRS)

RuneScape and playing have long past hand in hand for years. Earlier than the evolution of struggle, desert PKing removing, and enormous bot busts. Dicing has all the time …

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  1. I found a sketchy youtube live stream of someone taking donations for for flower poker, if you win you get osrs gp, if you lose your out 10$+

    Edit: I typed in F2p GE Only OSRS and scrolled, the channel was called Old School Runescape, but i havnt been able to refind it, so i assume the name is mispelled somehow

  2. I remember back in the day fishy was a big guy me and my friends gambled hundreds of mills with. Never once thought about being scammed.

  3. I remember i advertised for a clan making 800k per hour with an auto typer. After saving up 20m i started gambling and turned thag into 500m purple phat was 600m at the time so i tried to get just enough for that and quit. But i slowly lost all 500m and quit the game. Ita human nature to try win more gambling. Thats how they make their money.

  4. I got scammed by a known dicing clan during the peak of gambling, seeing this i now realize it mustve been one of their friends. I had won the roll,. but the host acted like he couldnt see m picked number, and re rolled. This was on a 200m bet, around 2011.

  5. I made 200m off bots in pest control. Once the bot owner got on and did trivia and a drop party. But yes most of the time it's just a scam now

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