Rovin' Gambler – Vernon Dalhart

An unbelievable early American tune via Jeff Calhoun, in a different way referred to as Vernon Dalhart. This tune has additionally been recorded via many different artists together with Eddy Arnold, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Hank Thompson, Kelly Harrell, The Nation Gents, Simon & Garfunkel, and the Everly Brothers to call a couple of. Listed here are the lyrics for this excellent song. Experience!

I’m a roving gambler I have gambled throughout
Every time I would like with the deck of playing cards I lay my cash down
I have gambled down in Washington I have gambled over in Spain
I am on my technique to Tennessee to get down my closing recreation

I had now not been in Washington many extra weeks than 3
Once I fell in love with a lovely little maid who she in love with me
She took me in her parlor she cooled me together with her fan
She whispered low in mom’s ear I really like that playing guy
[ guitar ]
Oh daughter oh pricey daughter how may you deal with me so
To depart your pricey previous mom and with the gambler pass
Oh mom my pricey mom I really like you smartly
However the love I’ve for the playing guy no human tongue can inform
No human tongue can inform no human tongue can inform
[ guitar ]
I listen a teach a coming a coming around the curve
A whistlin’ and a blowin’ and strainin’ each nerve
Oh mom oh pricey mom I will let you know if I will be able to
Should you ever see me coming again I will be with that playing guy

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  1. Grey Gull 4135 was originally issued with the matrix number of 4135-A with this title by Vernon Dalhart recorded in 1927. It was later reissued with the matrix number of 4135-C with the same title by Frank Luther recorded almost two years later. Take a look in your dead wax for the number. Both artists used the pseudonym of Jeff Calhoun.

  2. You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've got a bunch of his posted, and will post more from him this week . His catalog of music is quite immense for sure.

  3. @verdew8181 That's a good possibility. This song is much older than the record, which was recorded in the 1920's. Thanks for tuning in.

  4. Oh ! Now I think I know where that 'Rovin' Gambler' is sung by Hank Williams to start his ol' Health and Happiness Shows.
    I got the Mother's Flour Hank Williams show cd box set only to find it is really in-complete without the original format talk among Hank and the radio folks. Only the music is presented, However in the Health and Happiness Shows it is included. Maybe someday we'll hear The Mother's Best Shows complete, I miss hearing Hank talk between songs and such. Nice Dalhart 78 ! Thanks

  5. Oh My! … I just bought myself a pair of stereo headsets & i'm listening to this with them … WOW! LOVE ALL OF YOUR POSTS! I'm learning & listening & loving!!!

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