ROULETTE'S MOST PERFECT GRIND SYSTEM – 24 + eight Roaming 20 Roulette Gadget Assessment

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27 Replies to “ROULETTE'S MOST PERFECT GRIND SYSTEM – 24 + eight Roaming 20 Roulette Gadget Assessment”

  1. This system is one of those where you want to win 10% -25% of your buy in and then leave. Just hope it doesn't go cold till then. Hit and Run. Able to make $200 a day is $6k a month. To me this will make life more enjoyable 🙂

  2. Great videos…I'm a Slot machine player that I record for my channel..I'd line to start playing some roulette and I'm doing some research on systems…this has been very sub here..Thank You.

  3. why not put $10 on zero/ double zero and at least you cover yurself if u hit and make profit on zero. If not you at least push with the $100

  4. Still learning this game so please forgive me if this is a stupid question. Straight up bet pays 35:1, so $10 bet pays $350. Split bet pays 17:1, so $20 bet pays pays $340. If I am not missing anything, wouldn't you gain another $10 by playing straight up bets instead of split bets for the same amount of $20?

  5. Love the videos. Do you guys have a running list that shows your top 5 systems and systems move up and down as you demo them?

  6. Forget the odds. They may use air pockets circuit breakers or magnets on you. Casinos control where the ball lands. Tropicana is a safe casino

  7. I play hedge but not break even. I bet around 400-600 per hand and go for bigger wins 720 to 1100 wins is what I go for. I walked in casino once with 35.00 and walked out 3 hrs later with 4200.00. I often win at least 700 per day. Yes, sometimes I lose my bank and walk away but I never take more than I am willing to lose.

  8. I’ve been trying a “system” lately and luckily it kinda works, but not sure how it looks in the long run. The basic strategy is pick any number and place all bets pertaining to that number. The idea is if you hit, you win major, but even if you don’t hit exactly you’ll still hit a few wins leading up:

    For example, I pick 29

    I would bet 1 unit on the following:
    29 straight up (35:1)
    29/26 split (17:1)
    29/32 split (17:1)
    29/28 split (17:1)
    29/30 split (17:1)
    29/25 corner (8:1)
    29/31 corner (8:1)
    29/33 corner (8:1)
    29/27 corner (8:1)
    28/29/30 street (11:1)
    3rd 12 (2:1)
    Middle column (2:1)
    19-36 (1:1)
    Black (1:1)
    Odd (1:1)

    Basically you’re betting 15 units BUT if 29 hits you would win 153 units. But also, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, anything in the middle column, 25-36, 19-36, anything black or anything odd is technically a winner too, just not as big.

    It would definitely be a Chamba strategy. Play until you hit and get out

  9. Is it not that what you win minus the bet? So, in the middle: Win 340-300=40 win.
    When it is corner: Win 340-300 bet= also 40 win. Am I right with this calculation?

  10. I’ve play this for a long time the secret is every win put a black in your pocket I usually buy in for 1k and just grind it pretty boring but always leave with 10 black in my pocket and cash what I got on the table eh bout 500 to 800

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