Roulette Dares (The Hang-out Of)

AN superb piece via the band The Mars Volta from their debut idea album De-Loused within the Comatorium.

Give ‘er a pay attention.

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  1. Such an amazing band. Brings me back to like 08-09 freshman year when I discovered them.. boy how times flies. Ha. ❤️

  2. Fuck man, I remember how much I cried when I heard these guys split up. I'm 34 years old and I've only ever cried one other time in my life. Thats how special these guys and their music was.

  3. 🧐 Saw The Mars Volta @ Roseland 🥀
    5/05/05 and was basically astounded.
    They evoked vibes similar to the intensity of Led Zeppelin. I was impressed. Very trance . 3rd Eye. 👁

  4. The beautiful thing about tmv is that they always surprise you and you never know what will come next , however they manage to do it in such nice and smooth way

  5. Perhaps an unpopular opinion to people who might be here reading this, but this is the only TMV album that I like. From front to back I consider this album to be an all out masterpiece. I fucking love EVERYTHING about this album. I don't care for any of their others. I've tried. I've tried so hard to love the rest of their music as much as I love this album but nothing else struck me in my soul like this one did. I have respect for all their work, but this is the ONE that did it for me. I will forever be grateful to TMV for producing this perfectly beautiful piece of art.

  6. I used to hate these drawn-out, procrastinated endings to their (many) songs, but now as I listen to them in 2020, I absolutely love them!

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