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  1. I think I figured out the P4 Ness thing.

    Basically, the system likely had a logic error where player 4 isn’t put on the voting menu if there is no player 3, despite the fact that this can happen in online servers (a three-for-all with players in ports 1, 2, & 4) if the player designated as player 3 by the server leaves in the lobby after a 4-person free-for-all. This would leave the fighters unsorted, as leaving at the scorecard sorts the ports so that all fighters are in the lowest port available. This is likely to have happened by the system going through an array of the 4 possible fighters and stopping once there is no fighter (in this case player 3) even if there could be a fighter in port 4. This would naturally be the logical way of doing it, based on the presumption of how the players are sorted between matches.

    I am by no means declaring myself an expert on the subject, nor am I claiming that this is 100% correct. I am simply presenting my theory on what happened based on present data, the experiences of others, and my own knowledge of programming – including common logical errors that can be easily overlooked.

    TL;DR, The servers store the player’s port in such a way that the spectate lobby can miss the player in port 4 if the 3 fighters are in ports 1, 2, & 4.

  2. Surely the player four Ness was a bit, right? We never saw the betting screen fully zoomed out. It can’t be real, right? Please tell me it was just a bit.

  3. I’m pretty sure the final game was supposed to be a 4 player ffa, but player 3 disconnected. The game saw that there wasn’t a third player, so thought the game was a 2 player game, so only showed players 1 and 2. However, player 4 (ness) was still there, and played in the game

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