Riot with Renegades in Vigor: Season 5

Hei Outlanders.

A significant new replace for Vigor is right here, along side a brand new Combat Go season. We controlled to squeeze in a ton of adjustments, giant and small alike. Whilst our number one center of attention remains on making improvements to the sport typically, there are lots of issues in keeping with your enter that seem in post-war Norway.

Season 5: Renegades

After going all in with new guns in Warlords, we made up our minds to pick out a extra delicate environment for Renegades. Be it Wild West desperados, rebels, or clergymen preaching concerning the finish of occasions, they’re the outcasts of society. As Outlanders don’t care about the remainder of society that a lot, those renegades temporarily joined their ranks. They bring about the standard ton of cool customizations with them within the Combat Go, be it the preacher uniform, two trendy hats, and even new facepaints and different equipment.

Vigor: Season 5

Welcome to Sawmill

The Sawmill map was once smartly suited to high-noon Shootouts earlier than. Now we additionally made up our minds to introduce it for Encounters the place the map is far greater than the small house assigned for Shootout. Nonetheless, the sawmill itself is a centerpiece that attracts Outlanders against it, the struggle there may be possibly going to be ruthless. As we added the Sawmill map to the Encounters, it’s a featured map for this replace. We remodeled the entire machine round map variety, including two slots of rotating maps as an alternative of the quickplay. Chances are you’ll now regulate your loadout in line with what map you’re about to make a choice.

Vigor: Season 5

Encounters within the Highlight

Every other most sensible asked characteristic was once an approach to play in larger teams. It’s now imaginable to shape groups of 5 Outlanders for Removal, and Encounters will also be performed each in duos as earlier than and newly in trios. Added to that, we changed the usually unused choice of going into random duos, by means of the likelihood to make a choice to be a real renegade Lone Wolf – you’ll move into the Encounters with duos and trios on my own for the next problem and due to this fact upper praise. To stay it attention-grabbing even in solo Encounters, we added a secondary crate to the airdrop there as smartly. That are meant to supply a excellent base for selections – must you choose from following the provider of the primary crate, or is it more secure (smarter!) to concentrate on the second one?

Vigor: Season 5

Equipment, Tells and Extra…

There are extra additions to the Encounters as smartly, like the brand new Go out tells. We’re smartly mindful that go out campers are part of our recreation, and we would have liked so as to add some extra ability to that. If you happen to’re drawing near an go out and any individual is close to, a flock of birds goes to fly away. It makes it each more uncomplicated for the campers as they know any individual is getting shut, and harder as their prey is notified about their presence. It’s time to be informed some new methods, like as an example placing a lure at the loot. Sure, you’re now ready to make use of a brand new Booby Lure software to make boxes move growth. Added to that, bullet penetration returned, which means that you’re ready to shoot your enemies even throughout the wood door in case you have a robust sufficient gun. We additionally added a handful of weapons, certainly one of them, the Colt, is for sure ready to kill thru some wooden.

Vigor: Season 5

Upload-on Sale!

We have been ready to do a ton of attention-grabbing and vital adjustments for the 5th season as the former one was once longer than standard. We are hoping that you simply’ll experience the brand new additions and all of the fixes that we made. To make it somewhat more uncomplicated, we even presented maximum of our Upload-ons within the Xbox Final Addon Sale, which is now ongoing. And we now have a ton of latest issues within the works for you as smartly, you’ll see that we don’t omit about our Xbox target market in any respect.

See you in post-war Norway!


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Bohemia Interactive a.s.


Outlive the apocalypse, Vigor is a free-to-play looter shooter in post-war Norway.

* Shoot and loot in hectic encounters
* Construct your Safe haven and important apparatus
* Problem others in more than a few recreation modes
* Play by yourself or struggle in combination

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