Rhythm Roulette: Kenny Beats (feat. Key!) | Mass Enchantment

Manufacturer Kenny Beats and Atlanta rapper Key! (who not too long ago collaborated at the ‘777’ challenge) pulled as much as Excellent Information to take the Rhythm Roulette …

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  1. Everytime the Basedrum hits its makes a pattern in your brain everytime the sound is distorted its makes a spikey pattern in your brain just let that sink in… this music effects you physically in way to point that you get mentally sick and your brain can not register music naturally anymore. Just think about it … is it possible to sing or rap anything that make sense or is positive in anyway over these kind of beats? Personally ive not heard one Song. So these Drum Patterns and distorted almost clipping sounds are a overload for the human Brain and is highley effect on kids because their Brains arent fully developt yet. I really believe this is Music to Conquer and Destroy our Youth.

  2. Everybody is trying to use the same plugins. Omnisphere and whatever they think their favorite producer uses. Be original no matter what kind of music you make. Music and about a gimmick….

  3. Kenny is so interesting to watch. His brain works in such a cool way with music. He just seems to always know what will slap and what won’t. It’s awesome.

  4. I look at this genre like hyphy music essentially..it will die expect it too but didn't mean you didn't hear some bangers. E40 still around, don't judge stuff you don't know. If it ain't yours don't listen. Just like you might not want to hear my opinion no one wants to hear yours

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  6. It's just that every song mostly sounds the same. This is dope though. I've watched 12 year olds produce in there bedroom that would kill a lot of producers

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