Replace at the misplaced successful sportsbook price ticket at Rivers On line casino Philadelphia. : playing

Amazingly (facetious) They had been in a position to find the dropping price ticket within the laptop device a couple of days sooner than the courtroom date.

Bt the price ticket was once a loser! I spent all that point, submitting charges and mailing prices to battle for a dropping price ticket.

It was once a foolish prop wager. A Canucks hockey recreation should be 2 – zero within the 2d length. (Both staff can rating the targets) And it WAS 2 – zero within the 2d length. Alternatively BOTH targets had to be scored within the 2d length. I did not know that. And unfortunately 1 objective was once scored within the 1st length and 1 objective within the 2d length making the price ticket a loser.

So I’m really not appearing as much as courtroom, and the case will probably be disregarded.

Alternatively, I did be told one thing. A misplaced price ticket CAN be all the time positioned within the laptop, however the on line casino had sufficient pull to switch the regulation in order that they dont must waste their time finding it.

The regulation, in line with Rivers On line casino was once not too long ago modified in PA, pointing out that casinos shouldn’t have to seem up misplaced tickets. It presentations how corrupt out executive is. Becasue this is EXTREMELY buyer unfriendly. There’s no explanation why the on line casino cannot factor a charge to seem up a misplaced price ticket, so the winner can receives a commission.

Anyway, opposing suggest was once extraordinarily great, and the whole lot was once resolved amiciably, and they’d have paid me if the price ticket were a winner.

However this new regulation is overall crap.

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