Recreation Informer’s Subsequent-Gen Survey Effects

Which next-gen console are you maximum excited about?


PS5 71.4%, XSX 28.6%

Which next-gen console(s) do you intend to acquire?


PS5 56%, XSX 15%, Both 23.5%, Neither 5.5%

Which current-gen console(s) do you personal?


PS4 44.8%, XBO 13.7%, Both 37.9%, Neither 3.6%

Which next-gen console has the coolest-looking design?


PS5 69.2%, XSX 30.2%

How essential is backwards compatibility to you?


Very Important 41.9%, Somewhat Important 44.1%, Not important 14%

Which of the next technical options is maximum essential to you?


Faster loading times 41.4%, Better graphics 30.9%, Smoother framerate 27.7%

How essential are console-exclusive video games to you when deciding which gadget to purchase?


Very important 57.6%, Somewhat important 32.1%, Not important 10.3%

If next-gen video games had a worth level of $70 each and every, would you be keen to pay that quantity?


Yes 58.9%, No 41.4%

What’s the maximum you’ll pay for a next-gen gadget?


$400 16%, $500 62.6%, $600 21.4%

After PlayStation five and Xbox Collection X liberate, how lengthy do you are expecting video games to proceed popping out for PlayStation four and Xbox One?


1 year 42.53%, 2 years 44.98%, 3 years or more 12.48%

Effects in accordance with 8,627 responses to a survey performed on The survey used to be performed previous to the announcement of next-gen value issues and Xbox Collection S

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