REACTOONZ 2!! four Gargas!! New Play n Move Slot, Any Just right?

newslot #reactoonz2 #casinostreamers Josh’s fist have a look at Reactoonz 2, and manages to get Gargantoon out four instances! Reactoonz 2 Slot assessment right here …

42 Replies to “REACTOONZ 2!! four Gargas!! New Play n Move Slot, Any Just right?”

  1. “I had garga out twice, lost 600 pounds in the last hour, lots of noise without any pays.I rate it 6-7 out of 10”.
    I hope you are being paid for that score, at least twice what you lost, you shill.

  2. Now that's what I call A Honest Review. Yes josh you are right! It's pays CRAP especially when all explosions are going crazy and you look at the balance lol. I been gridding this game past 2 days but now RIP garga 2.

  3. Such a hard game to both play and bonus. Didn’t live up to all the hype that’s for sure. I don’t see myself playing this very often if at all

  4. Great concept, terrible execution. The RTP is fully weighted towards double garga which you likely won't see within 500 or possibly even 1000 spins.

    For a game to be appealing to most there must be a base game feature that allows for big wins I.e. danger 6x's and a highly volatile bonus that does not take 100's of spins to achieve on average. No casual slotter will ever have the patience for this game.

    May as well play DOA2.

  5. Slots are evolving, i think personally it because of you streamers. The pay outs in the base games are getting smaller and smaller, with the premise that the feature can pay a life changing amount.
    But in reality the monster pay out features are extremely rare.
    I myself have been to casinos for years, some times every month but had to wait quite a few years in before i saw a slot jackpot.
    Yet with the streamers showing usually the best and only features, it makes it look like the slot features hit big and often, which is exactly what the online casino want jo public to think.

  6. Josh trying to explain how a new slot works 🙈🤣🙈. Way to hard to bonus. Have 2 different triggers you need to keep winning. 15 pinks 2x on reactoonz one is 1500x and im sure the same set up on this is 1000x but the max win is supposed to be over 5000x 🤔🤔🤔 as if your going to get 5 lots of 15 pinks 2x in one bonus. Reactoonz one is better in my opinion

  7. If i get a massive win on this one day i will obviously think differently, but played it the last couple of days and like you pointed out josh everything is kicking off, the screen is blowing up and flashing with all kinds of different shit, then u look at your win and its 3x, all that for 3x, thanks then.

  8. prefer the first Reactoonz, the pays in this one is shocking in the base game… this one is all about getting x2 Garga….

  9. Had a quick go at this yesterday and it seems top win 15 pinks with a x2 garga is only 1000x compared to original where 15 pinks x2 was 1500x. Still a good game though. With the electric wilds if you get two adjacent to each other and no win it clears the board and adds it all to the meter. Seems odd at that point you are basically hoping for no win

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