Reacting To TikTok Piercing Roulette | Piercings Long gone Flawed 25 | Roly Reacts

Reacting To TikTok Piercing Roulette! Piercings Long gone Flawed Is again! As of late I react to TikTok’s new piercing roulette movies so from piercing your nostril with a thumbtack and piercing your ears with stitching needles I react to one of the most worst piercing movies from TikTok! Please don’t pierce your self at house and please don’t use this “Piercing Roulette” clear out
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Piercing Response Movies Playlist

Reacting To Hate Feedback

My Remaining Video “Horrible Piercing Movies Are Just right | Reacting To Hate Feedback 29”

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47 Replies to “Reacting To TikTok Piercing Roulette | Piercings Long gone Flawed 25 | Roly Reacts”

  1. Although I agree you should get them professionally done, I like the piercing roulette. I mean other people ARE allowed to get piercings. You’re not the only one allowed to have them 😒

  2. oh god i'm so late, but that filter is supposed to be when you tap the screen, it changes and it's just supposed to show how you'd look with piercings. Some people doing this themselves are stupid as hell 🤦 if you want to do it, professionally get it done guys!

  3. I don't get how these kids can just pierce themselves for clout, is it a new thing because of how accessible it it with amazon and the need to have attention, because I never had the want to pierce myself as a kid with an apple and a needle for 4 people at school to comment.
    Also something about seeing a kid young enough to have braces piercing themselves makes me cringe, they paying so much to have their teeth perfect then just fucking themselves up.

  4. At first i didnt like you, but the more i watch you the more i love your videos.. im subscribing😂😂💛💛 lots of love to you😂💛

  5. I’m hate piercing and I feel sick watching people piercing themselves but I love watching Roly’s videos ✨👄✨

  6. Oh, it’s sooooo cute! Look at the cuuuuuite young women. Oh I want to be like them!!!!! Erm, no . How to make yourself look stupid

  7. Your not a kid lol my man is 46 and he has tic tok lol to just watch random videos and space stuff real celebrities on there and just plan funny shit lol I have one since 2017 2016 to do videos of stuff I like or things I want or pictures of me and stuff about my mom that died and before she did I don't really use to much anymore got hard when my mom got really sick and died use to watch home comings and cancer survivor stuff and singers but now I don't really watch videos anymore I just have it I'm gonna be 30 Feb 2 lol all ages on there now lol cops firefighters paramedics military nurses doctors and so on lol

  8. You should be encouraging these idiots to do this. Gives you great content and a lot of Views!! Teenagers aren't going to listen to anyone but themselves anyways

  9. Why would you try pierce your own tongue! There’s a main artery in there! That’s crazy x sepsis galore x sewing needle and a beauty blender! Seen everything now x

  10. I would do the peircing roulette and say DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! I would probably only be willing to get a second piercing on my ears, and maybe a nose piercing. ..

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