Random: Yep, Cats In reality Don’t seem to be Liking Mario Kart Reside: House Circuit

Any cat homeowners receiving their glossy new reproduction of Mario Kart Reside: House Circuit nowadays had been most certainly already being concerned about how their pussycat pals would adapt to a brand new, rapid Mario kart boosting round the lounge. As you could be expecting, early signs expose that it is not going neatly.

The object’s simplest been in other folks’s fingers for a couple of hours, however some folks are already sharing clips in their cats reacting to their hooman’s new toy. Some cats are merely inquisitive quite than dissatisfied via the entire thing, equivalent to those lovable little fluffballs from IGN’s Janet Garcia and Instagram consumer @monst13:

However issues don’t seem to be going as easily for others. Twitter consumer @yamanoneko_23 may now not have any Mario kart left if this helps to keep up:

On this complete two minute video, we see a cat that is surely lower than inspired with the brand new circle of relatives addition. To be honest to the deficient factor, its proprietor turns out insistent on chasing it round the home and we are stunned it did not swat Mario out of lifestyles to show them a lesson.

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