Random: Twitter Simply Defeated The Water-Sort Health club Chief Misty In Pokémon Purple

It is already been greater than per week since Twitter started its adventure within the Sport Boy vintage Pokémon Purple.

Should you neglected it, customers in this social media platform were taking part in the unique Sport Boy name throughout the avatar of Gameloft Montreal programmer Constantin Liétard (@screenshakes) Twitter profile.

So, what is the newest? The mastermind at the back of this social media experiment has simply showed the Cerulean Town Water-type Health club chief Misty has in the end been defeated. Cascade Badge got!

It seems like the Stage 18 Oddish (nicknamed Curse) used to be in a position to tug via after all.

The remainder of the celebration is recently made up of a Stage 16 Spearow (SPEAROW), a Stage 14 Wigglytuff (POP), a Stage 24 Squirtle (AMAYBE), a Stage 16 Geodude (ABBPRI), and a Stage 10 Abra named Alakazam.


Similar to Twitch Performs Pokémon, it sort of feels like the ability of the web will conquer all odds. We are certain Twitter shall be topped the Elite 4 champion very quickly.

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