Random: Pokémon Fan Finishes Problem To Play Each Recreation With out The use of Pokémon Two times

Pokémon Sword and Shield Starters

Pokémon fanatics love making issues tougher for themselves. There is the Nuzlocke Problem, during which you’ll best catch the primary Pokémon you meet in each house, and fainted Pokémon are regarded as “useless” and will have to be launched. There is the unique Twitch Performs Pokémon, which helps to keep shooting up with extra variants, like enjoying Pokémon Purple and Blue concurrently.

Reddit consumer Volman99 almost certainly is not the primary individual to play thru all the Pokémon sequence with out repeating a unmarried Pokémon, however he definitely is thorough. His regulations come with enjoying the entire variants, like Purple, Blue, and Yellow; with the ability to have, however now not use “HM slaves” – a fan time period for a Pokémon used to be told the entire helpful recreation development strikes, however usually now not a member of the overall crew – and permitting himself to rely Pokémon with more than one evolutionary branches as two separate entities.

“I attempted to plot upfront,” Volman99 says in a remark, “to keep away from screwing myself over… however I made such a lot of consistent revisions that it was once truthfully a bit little bit of each [planning and winging it].”

Essentially the most tough a part of the problem, he says, was once the burnout, which settled in across the time he needed to play Solar, Moon, Extremely Solar, and Extremely Moon back-to-back. He additionally wasn’t a large fan of returning to Kanto ten occasions over the process the problem. Alternatively, he did touch Pokérus, the super-rare XP-increasing virus, thrice, and located one glossy Pokémon, now not counting those which might be a part of the sport’s tale. In general, he used 388 distinctive Pokémon to finish the problem.

“Will I do it once more? Almost definitely now not, however I would love to proceed it for so long as it’s in fact conceivable as new video games pop out. It was once a in reality refreshing method to play Pokemon and spot how the sequence developed over the years and I were given to make use of numerous Pokemon I’d almost certainly by no means contact differently.

One of the most standouts have been Passimian, Minior, Cacturne, Skuntank, Beedrill and Dustox. (The ones remaining two needed to solo Brock and Roxanne respectively).”

Volman99 took screenshots as he went, turning them into an album of his successes and ultimate groups, which you’ll take a look at right here.

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