Random: Did You Know You Can Feed Squirrels In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild?

And the animation is adorable, too...
And the animation is lovely, too… (Symbol: Nintendo, by way of @caoki8)

With the entire tips, system defects and discoveries noticed in Zelda: Breath of the Wild over the last few years, it is reached some extent the place seeing new issues does not wonder any further. This factor will stay on giving extra for years and years yet to come, and we like it.

For instance, do you know that – somewhat than taking up Ganon and saving the arena – you’ll as an alternative choose to take a destroy and feed some squirrels? In the event you discover a spot the place squirrels are operating round, drop an acorn someplace at the flooring and run away. They may not come anyplace close to you for those who keep with regards to the acorn, however the usage of the sport’s digital camera, you’ll zoom in and watch the lovable little phenomenon from a distance.

Take a look at this out:

The little tail wiggle. Too adorable.

This is not the primary time a participant’s noticed a squirrel having its dinner – actually, the acorn’s in-game description more or less alludes to the chance that squirrels may consume them – however a snappy dialog within the place of business finds that numerous us had by no means observed or heard of this.

Some of the earliest mentions we will be able to to find on-line used to be posted on Reddit some time again. This is some other glance:

So, have you ever ever spotted a squirrel consuming within the sport prior to? What number of extraordinary issues pass on in Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule with out us recognizing them? What a sport, huh?

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