Random: Artist Erio Re-Imagines The Gods From Hades As Pokémon Health club Leaders

Hades x Pokémon

Gods, however do we adore a mashup. We reported on those unbelievable Animal Crossing x Hades characters previous this month, and now we are getting Pokémon x Hades, too. We are spoiled, in reality.

Artist Erio has been posting their drawings of what they consider the Olympian gods (a minimum of, their interpretation in Hades) would appear to be, in addition to what Pokémon they might personal, their most popular form, and their badges – in keeping with their symbols in Hades.

Athena, with Aegislash and Metagross, is the Divine Badge gymnasium chief, favouring Metal sorts. Ares, the god of battle, is clearly Preventing form, despite the fact that his use of Emboar signifies that he would possibly have a lil hearth in there, too.

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